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Follow my Online Diary of things going on in my life, in my mind and what I want to go on!

The Advice

So a friend of my Fiancé wanted to know if he knew any cheap taxi companies to take them from the reception to the hotel which is around 30 minutes drive away. And he offered to take them... as a wedding present to them. Then we would give them a card instead of thinking of a present to get them.
These days with couples living together before marriage, they don't need a lot of things for the house that would traditionally be given to the happy couple. So this would be more worthy and practical for the happy couple to be taken from the wedding to the reception. As a friend, the bride-to-be didn't want him to take them without having some money for his trouble! Evan though the quote of £60 would be too much!!! It didn’t even cost £10 in petrol to get to the wedding, reception and take them to the hotel and BACK!!!
So she wanted to pay half after an argument over paying him at all. He said to make it £20 and got a deal! But he was going to refuse when they given it to him! Some wedding present eh!? Paying for your present isn’t on!!! We sure wouldn't do it for our wedding!!

The Invite

So after the 'Present Paying' fiasco, she then wanted to invite us to her wedding!
Now, I think I should explain what had been going on for that same day....

Saturday 24th July 2010 we got invited to another wedding reception, which got cancelled then brought back on! And a housewarming / engagement party as well... With money being very tight and another wedding and holiday the weekend afterwards we couldn't afford to travel, pay to stay over and eat over the weekend! So we had to say no to both of the parties... So we had it in our heads we wasn't doing anything that weekend due to finances. But having a friend only half hour from us and getting married, inviting us and with fiancé driving them from reception to hotel it kind of made sense really.

The Wedding

I had no idea what to wear for the wedding - My First Wedding!
I always thought my first wedding would be MY wedding! So, I didn’t have to worry about what to wear because I knew what I was to wear.... Wedding Dress!!! : -D
So decided to wear a dress rather than black suited trousers n shirt... Which seemed too morbid to me! And glad I didn't go for the Black n White look!!! A lot of the women were wearing dresses with a lot of flowers on... Black n White!!! LOL!
The wedding went very well, reception n party was VERY relaxed!!! I loved it!! I want our wedding to be EXACTLY as peaceful as that was... Food to nibble, an outdoor area to sit out and music n drinks galore!!!
And this is where it seemed to spur my fiancé on to thinking more...

The Chat

So fiancé started to chat about the wedding and how he would have things little differently or has the same idea about our wedding... so we aired ideas on what we wanted for the wedding, how the organising the stag / hen do's, how family will be invited, where they could stay and how things would be run during the day.
We have always chatted, little by little, about what we wanted for the wedding but fiancé was a little nerved with it a bit... So I never started the chats... I waited for him to feel more comfortable with it all. Now he is and we went to our first wedding together, it seemed to make him feel more at ease with talking about it and how things could work out.
I am so happy with being able to talk more about it and progress on it!! And thinking that it is time to start to think about planning the wedding and preparations of it all... We had thought it would take around 2years to plan and make sure families from aboard can make it over.

The Plans

So things can be started to come together sooner than I had thought!! I have been ready for this for a long time... But with things now coming to ahead and father more and more ill it is now time to get things moving finally so he can give me away!! That means more to me than anything else!!! Sorry to say but even if my big sis couldn't come over from South Africa, it wouldn't bug me as much as finding out my father isn't around to give me away... It's his last wish before he leaves this world. And he is only holding on to fulfil his last wish in this life and show mum that he will give one of us away before he goes.

Now I am crying writing this and thinking about him not being there... He has said that he might not make it with not being in good shape to travel... I've already set up how to get him over to me and I will PUSH him down the aisle with me even if it kills me!!!



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Lovely share.

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