Soccer is great

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I wanted to play soccer one day but everything seemed so hard to learn for me. I couldn't be patient but is fun and cool to play.

Soccer is great

I remembered ever since the 2010 world cup was over I got into soccer. I just like the way they played and made the goals, especially from far away. Ever since, I started watching it more often than not. I got into being a Mexican team fan and a long the way when I really got into soccer, I started knowing more about the best players and teams. It's really cool to watch them play especially with I'm with my uncle who is a big fan of soccer and goes for the same team I go. After years, I already found out about other teams who are great and which country teams play well and which team players are really good players..or as they call them the "goalers." I started going to the store and purchased soccer games like FIFA and other similar video games. I bought a ball, now having it for a while, so I can practice soccer but I haven't really put my 100% in it or not even 10% but it is still fun to kick around. I still think it's a cool sport and would great if I know how to play well but it all takes practice. Some way, somehow, I will learn soccer, even I get too old.


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12th Jul 2013 (#)

Follow your passion - at least, you get satisfaction that you gave it your best shot - siva

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Believe you will love it.

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