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There are many social issues namely child abuse, child lifting, dowry , casteism ,early marriage of teenage girls in rural areas ,kidnapping of teenage girls for the unlawful purposes, torture of women in the household, exploitation of poor people by the rich through illegal means,etc, in the society. Though the Govt have taken steps to prevent such crimes, these issues confront the society in large numbers.


The social issues confront the society in many ways. As soon as a case is detected, the matter is reported to the local Police Station for taking cognizance of the fact and take appropriate action in the matter. The police officials investigate the cases , arrest the culprits and file cases before the local Magistrate for punishment. Child abuse and child lifting are common in the society. Children are used as child labor. They are deployed in tea stalls, eateries, shops, hotels, dhabas, restaurants and even in manufacturing of firecrackers, They are forced to work beyond normal working hours . Their wages are so meagre that they are not mentally at peace to hand over the wages to their parents. They are denied of their formal education and normal entertainment. Their lives are hazardous. Though the Govt have enacted the Prohibition of Child labor Act. But its implementation is not so rigorous in the society. The implementing authorities take notice of such child labor cases. Sometimes cases of child lifting are found to be reported in the daily newspapers. Sometimes children are rescued by the reputed NGOs and restored to their parents in the family. Children once rescued are handed over to the children's home run by the NGOS. for their proper rehabilitation. Children once lifted are often used as a pawn for begging tools in the cities and towns. The reputed NGOs play a positive role in rescuing the kidnapped children and the state Govts are very much alert in this social issue.
Dowry is a major social evil and widespread in the society. No amount of social awareness can suppress this evil unless women are educated and gainfully employed. Economic independence of women in the family may lessen the burden of dowry in the family.
Early marriage, kidnapping of teenage girls are the major social evils in the society . The people are aware of the ill effects of early marriage of teenage girls. Constant campaign and Govt announcement have changed the mindset of people. The parents of such teenage girls are aware of it. They do not support such marriage. Similarly kidnapping of teenage girls is another social issue. The NGOs are very active to prevent such crimes.

Why is casteism considered as social issue?

Casteism cannot be ignored in Indian societies. Officially though it is not so pronounced ,but in real terms it is rigidly followed. With the passage of time and economic upliftment of the people inter- caste marriages are being held in the families. A time may come when the people may forget their castes. But it will take long time to foresee it. The SCs, STs , OBCs are enjoying their facilities of reservation on employment, education . So long these reservations remain in the society , the casteism can not be wiped out. Economic backwardness should be the main criteria to determine the castes. The general castes are not enjoying any facilities of reservation.


Economic exploitation of the poor people by the rich is a social issue. But it has become a political issue for a pretty long time . So this issue may be safely dropped to save my page. There are other social issues which can be deliberated upon in the next page if permitted.


Casteism, Child Abuse, Child Lifting, Economic Exploitation, Kidnapping Of Teenage Girls, Social Issues

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