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The solstice is a Poem about the Emotions of a person, How he battles with them, What affects those emotions and what causes them to stop.


Every morn, I struggle to rise,
yet in fact I open my eyes,
Realizing another day dawns,
And another emotions longs,
To blur my already unclear thoughts,
A difficult phase, that makes me rot,
makes me wander the innards of my being,
Realizing and yet not seeing
A definite way out of this madness,
Only to be encroached by the fear
Of never being free..

Drives me mad.

Hopeless efforts, by ones who strutter,
Along the existence i manage to shudder,
Away from the ultimate yet timely demise,
i wander the path yet my eyes,
Remain closed and never want to open,
for fear to see what they want not,
what obstacle lies ahead on this treacherous,
this ever growing path to the end I seek.
Yet realizing somehow it lies,
beyond my reach.

It drives me mad.

now the solstice dawns,
upon my haze sun,
the only light I longed for,
Now becomes done,
Eaten by my final fall,
into my own depths without my resolve,
i cannot dream to rise up from where I now stand.
Is this the end?

it drives me mad.

Solstice that has dawned upon who i was,
now starts to face into the morn,
Phasing away who I once thought upon,
Shredding the mist away from my dawn.
my life's destination now stands before me,
a path i once set upon now again taunts me.
With open eyes and a new resolve.
I start my descend and I remove the pall,
of the solstice that had descended upon me.
Banishing away all that I held dear.

It drove me mad.


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author avatar Mrinal
17 and average there is nothign special about me or what I do.

I have these needs to express whatever I am feeling in words and I am glad I am freely able to. :)

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author avatar LOVERME
10th Oct 2010 (#)

So well put metaphorically
so many ask me
why so much simplicity
in my poetry/
like this of the cuff one instantly.
I say

there are more geniuser to me
and one may that uuuuuuu u surely will beeeee

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author avatar Mrinal
11th Oct 2010 (#)

Haha, Thanks alot :D

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author avatar Synthaea
11th Oct 2010 (#)

I adore the simplicity of your poetry, loverme; it is genius in its own right. As for this - lovely. I particularly love the repetition of "it drives me mad" and then the transition to past tense at the end, as if he has overcome his depression.

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author avatar Mrinal
11th Oct 2010 (#)

I meant for it show the overcoming of the proverfull emotions that were envoluping him and slowly killing him but In the end he overcomes them. Please note this isnt my state, Im very happy and jolly all the time. This is just the True from of how Depression seems to me. It worries my friends why I write like this alot :P

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author avatar Synthaea
11th Oct 2010 (#)

Depression is a frightening and almost suffocating experience. I'm relieved to hear that this is not your state, and sorry that it is the state that your friend(s) are in. You wrote about it brilliantly though it wasn't your burden to bear. Sometimes seeing the pain of the ones around us is enough to feel it, though.

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