Some Of The Ideologies Of Donald Czerwinski

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A short explanation on some of the beliefs of Donald Czerwinski yes me!

Some Of The Ideologies Of Donald Czerwinski

Everyday as we go about our busy lives, we are dealing with some of the same people day in and day, out if its at work, the gym, the park, school, daycare wherever it maybe.

I often wonder with the people I meet with frequently what is they are all about, who is this person? Who are they truly? What do they stand for? Where did they come from? Basically the who's, what's, when, where and how.

Is this being nosy? I think not, to me it's a way to better understand who I'm dealing with, to better understand the conversation and where its going.

Ask your self this question what is it you believe in?

Well, here are a few of my beliefs.

1) I believe that God created all things and man was created in the image of God and all things come from the source and that is God.

2) I believe that Jesus is seated at the right hand of the father and is the Lord of Lords King of Kings and many avatar's have come before Christ and only paved the wave for the greatest Avatar of all Jesus the Christ the messiah.

3) I believe that when Christ left he gave each of us the gift of the Holy Ghost and Angels to help us along on our journey and that all Debt/Sin was paid in full and we are all washed in the blood of Christ excepted or not excepted. That a war rages for the souls.

4) I believe that family is most important and that it is a parents responsibility to raise there children and that no institution public or private has any legal right to say otherwise. And children our the future leaders and they should be taught to express themselves through art, music, poetry athletics and that history is the most important subject so we don't continue to go down the same path we have for thousands of years, we are doomed as a planet if we continue the way we are.

5) I believe that marriage in accordance with the ancient scriptures is bond between a man and a women. I also believe it is not my position to judge another and people are free to live anyway they choose.

6) I believe that all men and women were created equal.

7) I believe that wars are started by politicians and bankers with weak controlling minds to suppress the minds of the people and force their will upon all man. A controlling mind is a dangerous mind and its time we replace all the politicians through peaceful means and put the people back in charge of their governments. Peace can be brought about without any more wars and that no more people need to die fighting for the interest of some corporation or bankers.

8) I believe that there is other life forms and I believe they are among us.

9) I believe that the true church of man is within you and man looks for answers everywhere except for within himself where the answer can be found.

10) I believe that you are what you say you are and so should you be.

11) I believe in the law of attraction.

12) I believe that if man followed the Ten Commandments given to Moses on Mt. Sinai the world would be a better place. 

13) I believe that when we judge others it is a complete judgment of ourselves. As the old saying goes when your pointing your finger at someone you have three fingers pointing back at you. Don't judge others you don't know what there going through.

14) I believe all men are born free, but so many are locked up in their personal prisons, I've learned this from my own experiences.

15) I believe that man has a birth-rite to freedom of religions, freedom of expression, freedom of though, freedom to travel, freedom to live your life as you choose as long as it doesn't interfere with someone else's life and the right to petition your government for redress of grievance without fear of prosecution.

16) I believe in Grandma, Grandpa, Apple pie and the old American way of life where one worked hard and was rewarded and family ties were strong and they stuck together through thick and thin.

17) I believe that you are in control of your own personal destiny and we cannot fault others for mishaps along the way.

18) I believe that many face their our own trials and tribulations for spiritual growth I've learned this through my own experience and continue to do so.

19) I believe that people have the right to own guns if they choose too and know one has a right to tell them otherwise and those that do have controlling minds, fearful minds.

20) I believe that it is ones own responsibility to protect themselves and their properties.

21) I believe that if you are offended by my beliefs then you obviously don't have much faith in your own beliefs.

22) I believe that here on America the 2 system party republican and democrat our the same people with the same agenda just different ways of getting their. I don't believe they have the interest of the American people at heart. I do not consider myself a Republican or a Democrat and consider myself to be a man on the land a Sovern man.

Well ladies and gentleman this is all for now so the next time we meet you will know a little more about me and my beliefs and maybe you'll share some of yours, good day to all and bye bye.


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"Hello World" Donald Czerwinski here, I enjoy writing poems and articles and doing video's on You tube on my opinions on many topics and I love to share them with the world.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
27th Nov 2014 (#)

For me coexistence is the key word. Give and take - not one giving and another taking, of course! siva

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
28th Nov 2014 (#)

Great article. I also believe that we are in control of our own personal destiny. Smiles to you this morning.

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author avatar GV Rama Rao
16th Dec 2014 (#)

You have laid all your cards on the table. We will take note of them.

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author avatar Donald Czerwinski
16th Dec 2014 (#)

Thanks for the comments everyone they are appreciated. Rama a true poker player never leaves his cards on the table though it may appear that way.

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