Some Stand Corrected

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Truly, truly, some stand corrected. In more things than not. God had made Light to where it couldn't ever be mistaken unless there was a commitment to mistake it.

Some Stand Corrected

Wave two, I can't move like the devil
I stay glued to Light, gloom and spite, true, but of satan
The weather, helps me, kept me
Dwelling for a while now, smiles found, and lost, endowed
Patterns keep me grounded, answers, seeming actually strange, standards, crowds can read about it
I ain't saying ain't nothing else at stake
Remember all the laterns though
The after glow that shatters, only matters
Broken hammers, nails, depend on what perspective, many creeping things...
In the darkness, that God reveals to His
Heartless, from the time it withdrew, so right, rewinding soon, the signs are true
Annoying and solid, but that's the way it been
Adorable in all honestly
Doesn't need any extra extra, setting on the pedestal
Restoration, to rest, or ancient nuisance, to degrees, ah, the foolishness
Roots and things, to think a mockery of God, seat as foliage, Light consuming it
Forgiveness is a constant, such as love, to spit on me, redundant, using which for stillness
Is for tilling
Spilling quite the contrary, fitting visions for Jesus, I'm meaning, go Jesus, g-g-go, Jesus, and so...
I bow the way I rightfully should
The Light is in a building
Christ, is over life and death, can strike the soul
With eyes or health, His righteousness, is really healing, binding, not dividing, lots consigning
If you cast them, stacks, of different sized attractions, with specific endings...
Sin consists of what's unsightly, truth is really glistening, beauty is the love within alignment
Sin is simply sticky, substance, something toxic to the spirit life, I clear the mirror
Wiping off the wording
I would see the earth in different lights
Like dexmedetomidine, in deep, He works, and heals
The blind
I just let it soak on in
The soapy lens, you grow, repentance, no religions, yokes of sickness
Gone, the limits, broke, transcending knowns,
And this is only from the Holy Spirit...
And loving God means to hate the things that smote the Scripture
Spoken wickedness of no effect, some long to trick me still
But, nonetheless, I control my own decisions, real, and those I really make
Silly games ain't on my realm of focus, it's a wicked maze, misportrayed, that only seals the notion...
Wisdom spoken to me
Scripture, being upholded, with, without, my pen and onionskin, still the Spirit grows
The movement, demons stay beyond the grid, to be honest with the truthers
God will drop what coming, quick, His promises, He honors it, ain't nothing missed by Him
I've confidence, the substance of the evil
Either disrespect or compliments, the head of contrivance, dead to an assumption since
The proof is in the truth, not upset, just in another realm, and other rifts to get, instead of
You stand corrected, satan
And obvious
Plans to copy to this, formulated ploys
Manipulate dates, through a strategy, to damage me, or ravish me, the savagery
I match it though, everything, I write, all the patterns
Drafts, are wrapped and packaged by God, for I, be, proof

(9/19/17) morning


Light, Persecution, Spiritual, Truth

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