Some Suggestions For All True Americans To Ponder

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This article was written by an American citizen who remembers when times and events were more in line with what the Founding Fathers had in mind when they drafter the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Some Suggestions For All True Americans To Ponder

Many Americans who are old enough to remember when the term "Made in America" was stamped on tools and other items manufactured in our country really meant something and those items were sought after through out the world, have now retired from the active work force. It seems that time was in another time period and that is literally correct, it was during the past century.

Those of us who are still around are here for a purpose and I truly believe that God intends to use us to restore this country back to His original intended purpose (to make the earth a mirror image of Heaven) and have man continue to dominate this environment. It is time for the pendulum to swing back in the other direction.

During the 20th century, like no other time in human history, we have advanced in the area of technology by leaps and bounds. The problem is that man's heart (character) has not kept pace with the wonderful changes we enjoy with the things that we have invented for our "creature comforts." As a matter of fact it seems that our egos and arrogance have been inflated to astronomical proportions.

If the truth were told, man cannot nor have we ever been able to "create" anything! The best that we can do is to "rearrange" what is already here and "discover" what was already in existence that was not created by us nor revealed before. One example of this is the story told about the scientist who told God the he could do anything that God could do and challenged Him to a contest. God accepted the challenge and insisted that the scientist do his demonstration first. The scientist reached down to gather up a hand full of soil and then God said, "Hold it! Make your own dirt!"

At this point I will not belabor the negative areas of our society that most of us are already painfully aware of. Instead let us try something different and come together and work on bringing some solutions to the issues to the table for examination and discussion.

Let's start with what was working before we decided to "fix" our perceived "broken country" by adjusting our basic laws to benefit the few rather than the majority.

First, the Amendments to The Bill of Rights and all decisions mandated by the Supreme Court of the United States of America in the 20th century should be revisited, reviewed, and revised to insure that they are valid for today's American society. Since the foundation of our country was based on biblical scripture, then use scripture as a gauge for measuring to make sure that we are on the right track.

Second, every citizen should be required to read and understand the two documents that our national freedoms are based on (The United States Constitution and The Bill of Rights). This should be done in the early years of education. The student should not be allowed to advance to the next level of education until they have demonstrated a solid understanding of the documents mentioned above.

This same procedure should be used for all individuals who seek to become citizens of our country if it is not already in place.

The items mentioned here will not correct our dilemma immediately but at the least it is a start in turning this country around and head it in the right direction. I truly believe that we can correct the damage done to America in time and with God's help. I am sure that it is His will and He will assist us and show us the way if we reach out to Him with earnest intentions. There are no real problems, only logical, workable solutions.

Someone mentioned the term "silent majority" I believe back in the 1980s. Well I refuse to be silent any longer and I will not go away quietly! It is time to unite and go forth and do battle with the forces that are determined to undermine our American principles and way of life.


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