Some Thing That Happened To Me When I Was 21

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At 21 I was just a naive ignorant country girl that loved my ex husband and wanted to get back together and make our marriage work, for I had a small child and wanted to raise him with his father. He took me to another state where his sister lived and we stayed there a short time before we found our own apartment. The encounter I had one night my ex husband left me at his sisters.

A New Start

My ex husband and I had divorced, well he found someone else and helped me pack my clothes and our sons clothes and took me back to my parents house on May 10 or 11 of 1977. My oldest son was five months old.
He left me and our son there and went off to pursue this girl from Iran, a more worldly person than I, as I was only 20 and about as ignorant as a country bumpkin as could be. I got a job working for a fast burger joint, called Borden Burger while he went off to live his life. Only this girl must have been smarter than I was, for she soon stopped seeing him and he went to another state to make his life there. Where his two sisters lived.

One More Chance

In late September of that year he came back to visit his son and talked me into trying to make it work between us. I dropped my job and off we went to another state where, as I still loved him, I hope we would make a better life.
But he hadn't changed. He was still the same old roving eyed man I had known before.
I liked his sister and her husband and their 3 children. We stayed there until we were able to find a place a few weeks later.

Settling In and Being Left Behind

Things were tight but we managed to make it some how. He sold blood and I was too scared to so was very happy that very day that My dad had sent my last paycheck and we received it the same day. I thought we were blessed.
One evening we went to his sisters to spend a few hours. I thought he would wait on me as I said goodbye to his nieces and nephew, for i loved children even then. Well after the goodbyes were said, it couldn't have been more than 10 minutes, I went down the stairs to find that he had indeed left me behind. I was shocked. I was deserted and so ashamed that he had left me behind.

A Prolonged Visit to the Laundry Room

It was very cold outside, Ice all over and I certainly couldn't walk home, it was too far. I was too ashamed to go back up to his sisters so i went into the laundry room. It was reasonably warm in there and I spent the next few hours in there for I thought he would return. He surely wouldn't leave me there all night and show his sister how callous he was to me.
He had done the same thing to me when I was pregnant at my sisters, but I never dreamed he would show his sister just how unfeeling he was. But he left me there supposing I would stay at his sisters but after leaving her apartment I didn't want her to find out just how abominable he treated me.
I went to the laundry room, I had the intention of staying there all night as I knew nothing about the area and this wasn't like my native state, where it was relatively unpopulated. This was a big city and I had no desire to go out and so I decided I didn't want his sister to know what a callous individual he was. I stayed in the basement laundry room. Afraid definitely but feeling in as familiar territory as possible, without being out on the street, where it was icy cold

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A Sound That Startled

I was waiting for daylight to come, but I had a strange feeling of being watched. Finally I heard a sound that startled me. The sound of a car door slamming. My heart jumped with hope that it was my ex husband returning. Only for a second. For suddenly I felt the hair stand out on my head and a feeling coming urgently from my heart to run, this was not my ex husband returning to get me and take me home. No this undiluted fear came from all around me and in side me. It emanated from my heart and went all through me.
Fear, almost debilitating fear swung my head up and listening to my heart, which told me to run and run as fast as I could possibly run upstairs to where I would be safe. I ran.

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Knocking On Heavens Doors

As quick as a gazelle I was gone, out the door and running up the stairs to the two apartments at the head of the stairs.
I knocked first on my sister in laws door, then the door across the hall. I looked down. There was a man standing at the base of the stairs. I couldn't see him very well as I have astigmatism and can't see plainly unless the person is in my face. I knocked again frantically. I looked down and he was half way up the stairs.
Just then both doors opened and I looked over at the doors. I looked back and he was gone.


I never forgot that episode, even though I never saw him and at 56 I can't even remember what he looked like. I just know that the Holy Spirit saved me from death. That is only one of the instances that the holy spirit worked in my life. I have other real life tales. That's just been on my mind at how long God has blessed me. Even now, 36 years later, that's just how long the holy spirit has worked and been in my life.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
31st Jul 2013 (#)

quite a happening this Rose...glad you are here to tell the story....

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author avatar jenny1015
31st Jul 2013 (#)

We all go through obstacles in life which we never thought would ever surpass....but we did and we are all here. I am happy that everything is all in the past and I hope that you are a lot happier now.

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author avatar Rubinstyn
1st Aug 2013 (#)

It always saddens me when I hear of a woman with a small child being mistreated by a male. Being male and over 21 years of age does not automatically qualify one to be a "man." It is fortunate that you were able to overcome your adversities in those circumstances and get on with your life. Your healing shows up in your articles. Our God is a good God!

Bless you and yours Grumpybear.

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author avatar Mariah
1st Aug 2013 (#)

What an ordeal to go through
with your ex husband and then such a close encounter in fearing for your life.
Glad your life is so much better now.
Mariah x

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
1st Aug 2013 (#)

Happy that you lived to tell the tale, Grumpybear! Such moments fortify us to face many crises than otherwise. I have gone through some when all doors seemed to shut on my face at the same time but soon they are history - siva .

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author avatar Grumpybear
1st Aug 2013 (#)

God must have known me before I was ever born for I have always sought Him even when I was a child. But I have been married for almost 34 years now and have 2 more sons. I walk with my hand in my God's and I never leave Him. :)

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author avatar Ben Thomas
1st Aug 2013 (#)

What a touching story Grumpybear and Yes God knew you even before you came into this world. Thank you for sharing this, God Bless you..:)

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author avatar Trillionaire
1st Aug 2013 (#)


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author avatar vpaulose
1st Aug 2013 (#)

Good read. Thank you for the encouraging words.

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
1st Aug 2013 (#)

What the Devil meant for harm , I am thankful our God has turned to good , dear Grumpybear . I have many such stories I could share also , but some day I may ... I am glad you have a happy ending to your story .
may God continually bless you
Stella ><

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author avatar iwriter_sourav
15th Sep 2013 (#)

Hope your life has got escaped from the tragedy now and you are living a happier life.

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author avatar Legend
5th Nov 2013 (#)

It is the constant gift of life that serves to remind us of His eternal vigilance, caring and love

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