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A few random poem , on a happier tone ! ! One of a Love gone by. Second of the only drug in my life. Third a comical approach to my arachnophobia ! :P

First Love

Running deep,
Pulsing through my body.

Disease with no cure,
With no relief ,
I hold on.

Small light in the dark,
A glimmer of new warmth.

Rush to the head, I’m floating.
Don’t want to fall.

Euphoric touch, need him near.
A new drug setting me free.

Love is here,
To take my pain away.

Music - The only drug

Self confessed addict,
Never long without the thrill,
Daily hit straight to the soul,
Take me high away from here.

It's my only medicine,
Class A drug,
The bass dilutes the blood,
The rhythm kicking up the pulse,
Sweet melody's easing away reality,
Until total bliss is achieved.

Spider - The attack

I see it there daunting me from the shadows,
Watching me times 8,
Waiting for my reaction.

This is no random act,
That menace has been plotting,
Sussing me from its wardrobe layer.

Now it's here,
Beside my bed,
Watching, waiting, screaming out for attack.

Fear sweeps in,
Scratch that, this is terror,
This is no laughing matter.

I flee to the furthest corner,
Trembling as realization sets in,
No place for flight, this has to be flight.

Cautiously I descend upon the enemy,
Lethal toxins in hand,
Hamsters safely stashed away.

I strike!
One blast is enough,
I fall back against the wall.

Hyper ventilation slows,
Remorse begins to take place,
Sorry it had to come to this, I had no choice.

RIP you teeny tiny devil !


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24 year old music loving, poetry writing, sports maniac , animal welfare enthusiast :)

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
2nd Sep 2013 (#)

Very good and natural of you! Dont worry I hate spiders as well snakes

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author avatar Noortje
2nd Sep 2013 (#)

Thank you Fern ! My style is just to write as I think :)

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