Sometime in New Amsterdam: Poems of 2010

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I wrote these poems a few years back some are funny, some are deep, and some are weird.

A Flower

I can only turn my head so many times
Before I have to face the elephant
I can only block my eardrums for so long
Before I have to hear what’s being said
I can only keep my eyes closed for a while
Before I have to see
The seed has grown
Will I enjoy what I’ve nurtured?

Afghanistan Science

Jacob took a seed to Afghanistan
Brought him to a changing river
Opened his eyes which were brown
Shot liquid poison inside them
His eyes turned blue
Jacob bred his new phase
Another branch was added to the scheme
One more rope that need to be burned before the grafting can be permanent

Anne Frank

Barely a woman
Typical teen
Everyday dreams
In fear for her existence
Crammed in a tiny space
Eight companions with her
Never to grow old
Life taking
By the savage hands of mankind
The innocent always suffer in the hands of beasts

Blizzard 2010

Whipping wind
Wet snow
Ice underfoot
Plows zooming up and down the roads
A tiny ice age
A preview of what was and will be again
Hot chocolate
Stay inside
Watch the beauty of nature

Bottle Ground

Old Pabst bottle
Ace of diamonds
Next to a log
Beside a porn magazine
Rubbish bag tent
Chirping birds
Lonely dog
Teenagers waiting for me to leave
Old Pabst bottle
Laying on the black rich soil

Change Family

I was never able to trust my family
The love they gave was reptile enemy
As soon as I could walk
They started to steel from me
Not just money but even emotions

I learned to keep them at arms length
Every time I gave them a chance they disappointed me

Still every night for them I pray
That God will show them the way
Open up their sterile hearts before its too late
For them I pray- change their worldly ways
For them I pray- change their devil ways

I try to tell them they only shoot me down
Call me crazy ridicule me all over town
They check me as invalid instead of hearing me out

For them I pray- change their worldly ways
For them I pray- change their devil ways

Christmas Cake

Nothing is sweeter
Nothing can relax my taste buds more
Take me outside of the moment
That sweet cake
The only thing I look forward to during the holiday season
Sweet cake
Perfect cake

Christmas Eve

Can’t leave my house everybody is out on this Christmas Eve
Would like to have some fun but the crowds are all around
Swerving traffic hustling through red lights
Parties all over everyone is drunk
Some might not see the New Year at all

But I’m here stuck in my house
Don’t want to face the madness
I’ll stay home nice and cozy
With the lights out watching television
Praying the holidays will just go away

Have a very unfriendly day

Crispy Arthur

She laughed with such joober-gook
At no thank you Sir Arthur Dave
As he cracked his egg shell under frothy smiles
Complex intellect Arthur Dave had none of these
Due to his chatter he froze
Out vented the sneeze
Which caught on with the red cell disease
Now it be the death of he
So she laughed most deliberately


Next to warm fire
Snowballs roasting
Beside a mouse
Drinking fresh brew of gimble nimble two
A set of nines
A pair of eights
Counting the days of humbukkah
Whoopee Crustbustle to you
To you a Crustbustle whoopee

Dirt Room

Surrounded by books and clothes
Smoking a camel
Resting on my island bed
Rubber soul staring up at me from the floor
Watching the BBC on the television
Deeply interested in my brain rotten
What am I doing?
Where am I going?
I am just a guy who surrounds himself with a life of clutter
Puffing on cancer
Waiting to close my eyes


A primitive concept handed down through the ages
Allegiance bound to happenstance
Forcing each others will on one another
Pretending to be happy when you could careless about being in there presence
Wasting time
Wasting breath
Wasting life

I could be just fine without
I need not this primitive security blanket

Let me be free
Let me be free

Grown Up

Were has violence gotten us?
Did any war solve anything?
Is it saving lives while you end others?
What war has brought us peace?
Which battle protected our freedom?

Was any violence act worth doing?
Did any war end hatred?
Which battle gave us tolerance?
What war values human life?
Is not a soldier just a paid murderer?

Human history unfolds
New chapters repeating the old
Those who know history see what’s coming and try to change it
Those who are ignorant of say it can never happen again then they do it
We are still children
Playing useless games that babies play
When will we grow up?
When will we grow up?

Holiday Inn

Soft songs of old time swing jazz
Open racism
Out dated themes made classic
Awful dancing
Love gained lost turned into a triangle
The singer gets lucky
The dancer gets lonely
It ends open for a ten-year later sequel

Infected Laughter

Humans are a strange infection
Spreading with arrogant ambition
Talking leads to constant bitching
Still they get nothing done

With pride they wave the hand of progress
Not seeing their regression
They fancy themselves rulers
What they rule only God knows

I laugh at human absurdities
Taking themselves seriously
Crushing each other for false ideals
Many more have no meals

Humans are a strange infection
Spreading with blind ambition
Living high in fake towers
Pretending they have ultimate power

It makes me laugh
It makes me laugh


To become light
I can feel the change
Yea! I’m changing
My body being invaded
With the love of JAH
Love of JAH

I am you
I am everything
I am the light
Jah is the light

Black King is Shining
White followers glowing
Princes out of Egypt
Moses comes lead us into the light

I am the light
You are the light
We are the light
JAH is the light
To become light

Lovely Day

Crystal clear sky
Blazing sun
Cars covered in salt
Snow melting
Wilting trees
A man waves
A truck zooms by
Such a lovely day


Dark clouds cover the sky
Blocking my view
No eclipse
No meter shower
Missed the five hundred year event
Stayed up for nothing
Maybe next time
Maybe next time

Mind Possession

I see objects all around
Filled with the value that humans give them
I feel life, which surrounds
Only worth the meaning you give it

Collect what you will
Does it help you to feel?
Horde until
You feel the realness of death

Possessions of the mind
Are the worst kinds
Takes years to break through
Takes years to admit to
Possessions of the mind

I see people racing
Only to get nowhere
I hear all the reasons
Why the flowers must be mowed for concrete eye sours

Collect what you will
Does it help you to feel?
Horde until
You feel the realness of death

Possessions of the mind
Are the worst kinds
Takes years to break through
Most never do

As you cheat, steal, and kill for materials
You miss what is important
You miss what is real
Spreading you abnormal desires in place of cupids arrows
Infected with this is how it should be
Blind yourself to what you don’t want to see
You can run your whole life knee deep in your social fantasy
Pretending to be free
Possessions of the mind
Are the worst kinds
Takes years to break through
Most never do
Possessions of the mind

I see people all around
Devaluing life for tinsel things

Morning Christmas

Good morning Christmas
Though we don’t see eye to eye
I wish you well
Hope you are filled with joy
My memories are now colder
Ruined are you for me
Still I can’t totally hate you
You do make some smile

Goodnight Christmas
See you next year

New Ray

Babylon knows I weakness
Try to use them against I
JAH is my protector
He gives I strength
With JAH all things can be over come

The devil tries to temp I
To him I recite the truth
Standing strong in I trod
Never giving into the advances of the shadows

Ounce I was blind and dumb
Jut another victim
Something stirred inside my soul
What it was I did not know

Then I fell on my knees repenting
The spirit came upon I
Washing the old me away
I awoke as new as the first rays of day

Never will I go back to those old ways
I was dead but now my I have life
Said I was dead but now I am alive


Come sit with me in the orchard
The fruit is always ready to be eating
A calm stream flows never ending
Night and day coexist
All opposing forces unite as one
The eye never blinks

Come sit with me in the orchard
Journey into the layers of wisdom
A bush burns never to be extinguished
Take hold of the shechinah
You have only one chance to become sublime
Jupiter and Pluto keep dancing
Divinity is at our interpretation

Come into the orchard
Come into the orchard
Love is the only way to grow

Portuguese Pedro

You keep looking over your shoulder
Walking on edge
Talking in nervous tones
Do you have so many enemies that you can never rest?

I feel sorry for you
I feel sorry that you’re that deep in the pit
We create our own lives
You created a life of sorrow
A smile can hide your insecurities

You keep looking over your shoulder
Expecting death to be there

Smoke Screen

I’m running out of existence
It’s all coming to a head
No more circle casting
Blow out the candles I’m only a wax doll

All around me the curtain falls
Brother heart guide the way
To a place I have always been

The moment you start to laugh
It’s time to cry
The second you relax
A wind blows all the smoke away

Staff Infection

On my shoulder
Bulging golf ball stretched skin
Martian red
Puss and blood oozing
Slowly shrinks with every eruptions
A volcano of flesh
How did I get this?
Who gave this to me?
I’ll never know


A storm is fast approaching
From the arms of Texas
To the Bay of New England
Burying the patiently waiting under snow
The blizzard of ten came
Now little trace of it exists
What will the blizzard of eleven bring?
Will it fade as quick?


I always knew one day we would drift
I always knew we were heading in two different directions
Bound together by a common struggle

I miss you my brother
I love you and always will
Where you maybe I pray that you are happy
I pray that you have found the peace and love that you deserve

Live long
Live free


Trying to move forward but my legs wont move
I’m trying to move forward but I can’t see my obstacles
Will I ever be free?

I’m trying to feel but I was never allowed to
I’m trying to feel but I am afraid to get burned
Will I ever be free?

I want to love you but I was never allowed to love before
I want to love you but I’m afraid of conditions
Will I ever be free?

I’m starting like a baby
To get where I should be
I get discouraged when I fall down
One day I’ll undo the wounds of my family tree

Winter Blizzard

Watching old television shows
Playing out dated video games
Drinking ginger
Eating vegetarian pizza
Listening to some classical music
This is how I spent my winter blizzard

Winters Numbing

I can’t say that I’m happy
Nor do I feel a slight joy
When I feel the steel cold whip my face
Or when I see the roads covered in snow
I hate going to work only to come home and work some more
Giggling children nauseate men
Peoples phony Howdy neighbor in hopes you’ll help them shovel
My dislike of winter knows no limits
I can’t pretend to like that which I don’t


People rushing in their vehicles
Speeding to the red light
Swerving to work
A constant indie five hundred
Life at the speed of blur

Why rush?
It will be there when you get there
Take your time
Enjoy the life you have been giving
Death will be waiting


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
2nd Jul 2015 (#)

Interesting and thought provoking too, like about Family.

Maybe, you could split this into three/four posts - siva

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5th Jul 2015 (#)

I didn't think about that I'll give it some consideration

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