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There is an old story I remember reading someplace. I can’t remember exactly how it goes, or who it was who wrote the story, or just where I was when I read the story, but I knew my life was a lot like the fox in the story in those days. I thought it masterful and meaningful at the time of my conversion, so much so that it became an ongoing thought throughout my recovery. This is how I remember it...

The Fox and the Stick


At the river bank I watched
an old red fox
who found occasion
to pick up a stick in his mouth
and with the stick
still in his mouth
the old red fox
wades out into the river
still and deep

The Dream

Deep and deeper yet
he goes,
into the current he flows,
out into the raging stream
his stick
still in his mouth
until only his muzzle,
and his soft black nose
where the stick rose
above the still blue water

Free at Last

and his fleas,
one by one,
leaped up and up his body
and one by one
they leaped onto his head,
to the tip of his nose
and at the very last,
at the very dead last
they leaped
onto the stick
still high and dry
above the deepened stream
which at great length,
when the fox felt his itch
had at last gone
lets go of his stick
and his fleas…And off they go,
stick, fleas, and all
while the old red fox
swims back to the shore,
shakes himself off
and cries out loud
"Free at last…Free at last".

Like I wanted to be
So badly;
Free at last.


All photos by uTAH jAY


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author avatar Utah Jay
I have been writing since the beginning of time it seems, not because I want to write, but because I have too. My favorite form of writing is poetry, all kinds and types of poetry.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
7th Sep 2014 (#)

Beware of the Fox with the tail in front,
It comes in slyly in hope for Mount.
Preaches a sermon and then waits to see,
Is there anybody out there for ME.

I saw the fox and just knew the way,
I stood back and watched it play that day.
Saw few grapes and stood on twos,
Chastised me and left all the clues.

I looked on and with nothing to say,
Killed the Vine tree and came my way.
Hoping to get another tree in Life,
In hope to slyly fool the observing Wife.

Who finally walked out and said your way,
I saw enough and have nothing to say.
You are just a fox with a tail in front,
Who lives disheveled and with a grunt.

There he went running to get the Wife,
Who just went and hid not on your Life.
Watching him play his part to covet Sun,
Until she came out in armour, pulled sword, won.

Don't you dare come near my Sun again,
Erupting the entire Universe in pouring rain.
As she took the place and put Fox as Earth,
Sending just all back into laughter and mirth.

For the Fox now cannot live without Sun,
Showing the truth that is second to none.
It has to work now racing from Hounds,
Showing the truth of life and game of pounds.

Now its shivering as it needs the Light,
Everything just belongs to the Greater Height.
The Devil just fell back into the burrows of Hell,
As they found the truth hidden deep in the spell.

With the Wife taking over Planet Earth too,
Showing the truth of love in Bird that flew.
As the Fox got stamped down into that hell,
In the truth of three boons of that spell.

With the Dwarf now rising to show true form,
They are all worried they have all now conform.
For it took over to rule the Universe of Life,
And showed the entire truth to the endearing Wife.

Who saw him finally place the last food on head,
Leaving just everything of the fox finally dead.
With a boon to come up and show face Once a year,
Sending all those of hell now back in tear.

For that was the Demon King who was like God,
Portrayed himself such and ran into that sword.
Now is struggling to come to term with the price,
For the Wife has walked out with no compromise.

Leaving the One Above to take the Place,
Making all now stand up and look in disgrace.
As he pulls her closer with arms of Love,
Taking her back home to the heavens Above.

Whispering no other will ever now make you cry,
For I am who I am here as I am up high.
I want you by my side both night and day,
This is why I sent the cunning fox away.

That is the fox with the tail in front,
Who saw the disease now about to mount.
With the evil permeating in just every leak,
He held the Wife's mouth and whispered don't speak.

I saw the intent now feel the truth,
They were sending into grove of Forbidden Fruit.
I would never leave you nor forsake your Life,
From this day forward I take you as my Wife.

With that the Lady burst out crying,
Showing the truth and effect that she was dying.
With everything dwindling into nothingness of Life,
All because of her crime of being the Wife.

From this day forward Planet Earth you are,
I am who I am her from near and Far.
I take over Planet Earth just for My Family,
You go back to the Sun and be safe for ME.

Let no one ever question these arms of pride,
I am who I am here as I am now inside.
Breaking every shackles that was created in hate,
I will make everything up to you however late.

With that he pulled his Wife and placed Crown,
Prevented her completely from going down.
As he placed the kiss of life on her lips,
She caressed his hair with her finger tips.

For she knew the Devil was a Sly Old Fox,
Who looked through everything trying locks.
She supported One Above in Armour with a smile,
And took on everything in dexterity and style.

Where no other could question as she walked alone,
Taking over everything ascending throne.
As they fell to their knees hearing that Voice,
That brought the Order and left none with Choice.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
7th Sep 2014 (#)

With the other leaving they knew truth in the fact,
This is the anthem of love now handled with tact.
Where no other could walk without permission of Sun,
Who obliterates all evil that is now Second to None.

All for the One Above that all finally got to see,
This is the world of cleansing now meant to be.
Where all now cry out for that One Coveted Life,
While she just stands up whispering I am the Wife.

Through thick and thin I support you in my world,
In the moment of truth that has now finally unfurled.
With brushes of reality that comes forth with Love,
This is who I am here as I am now with One Above.

By Anisha Achankunju (C) Lady Aiyanna 8th September 2014

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author avatar spirited
8th Sep 2014 (#)

I guess the fleas here are our thoughts.

I too have heard of this old tale somewhere, maybe it is one of Aesop's.

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author avatar Utah Jay
8th Sep 2014 (#)

You could be right spirited, I just wish I could read your posts, but alas I can only see blue, but my posts are just fine, I can see them?

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author avatar spirited
8th Sep 2014 (#)

there does seem to be a problem with wikinut.

Sometimes I cant see the pictures added on someone's page. Other times my antivirus claims there are virus's on the page. The adds seem to pop up even if not selected to. I lose articles sometimes after I have written, saved and submitted them.

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author avatar Utah Jay
8th Sep 2014 (#)

Thanks Lady...Beautiful work.

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