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How a stranger changed my life and offered me a helping hand in my time of need


I am a firm believer in karma. I believe you get back whatever you put into the universe. I have always lived by this simple rule because you never know when you might be the one in need.

Previously, I use to be a manager for a fast food place, and my co-workers use to make fun of me everytime someone wandered in asking for free food with some sob story of how they had unexpected car trouble and didn't have money to buy food.

Regardless of whether or not I believed their story, I always gave them food. It didn't matter to me. It wasn't like I was handing out wads of cash. A few burgers and fries here and there didn't make that much of a difference. I paid for it out of my own pocket so it wasn't like I was hurting anyone. Whenever they would laugh, I would just look at them and say, "What if that were your child? Wouldn't you want someone to do for them?".

No matter how much they laughed I always gave food to anyone who stopped and asked.

Guardian Angel or Good Samaritan?

Without boring you with the details, I ended up in a bad relationship. I was on the west coast. My family and friends on the east coast. With barely enough money to make the trip, I loaded up my car with everything I owned. Then my two small children and I slowly started making our way back home.

Half way across Colorado or Wisconsin, I truly can't remember, but my rear tire suddenly blew out. The temperatures were well below freezing and I hadn't seen another car for more than two hours. The nearest town was 50 miles away, and I hadn't had cell phone reception for the last two days.

Slowly I got out of the car and began to change the tire. I never heard the car pull over, but suddenly there were two very nice gentlemen who had stopped and changed the tire for me. I thanked them profusely and we were on our way.

Less than two miles down the road, my spare tire blew out. I pulled over and tried not to cry. I didn't want to scare my kids. I truly didn't know what we were going to do at that point. For about 10 minutes, we just sat there. The gas tank was half full so at least we were warm, but for how long I had no idea. Suddenly a truck drove past. I didn't think much of it.

A few minutes lates I saw the same truck on the other side of the highway going in the other direction. The truck pulled onto the shoulder, a man got out and was waving. I slowly got out of my car. He shouted, "Do you need some help?"

"Yes," I said. "My spare went flat".

He had circled back because he just had a feeling that something wasn't right. When he finally reached my car, I was still standing outside. I began explaining our circumstances. He offered to take us to the next town and get the tire fixed.Deciding whether or not to get in that truck with my two small children was almost as hard as deciding to leave my abusive relationship.

"What if he was a murderer?" I asked myself, but something inside of me told me it would be ok.

We got in the truck. He gave the kids some candy and exchanged a few details, names, where we were from, etc. When we reached the town, if you could call it a town. It was basically one street. The only mechanic was also the only tow service and he was out on a call.

The gentleman patiently waited the hour it took for the mechanic to return. While waiting he bought us all lunch. He paid for my tire and spare to be repaired. He also gave an extra $100 to the mechanic and said for him to check my car over, oil, radiator etc. He told me to make sure I stopped on the way and let the mechanic do this just to be sure nothing else was wrong with my car.

He then took us back to my vehicle and he put on the tire. I started to thank him for all of his kindness when he extended his hand.

Confused and shocked, I was unable to speak. Finally he said, "Please take this".

Not only had he just paid for both of my tires to be repaired, my car to be checked out, lunch for my kids, and patiently waiting for all of this to be done, he was now offering me $500.00.

At first I refused, but he insisted. He said that he had a daughter about my age, and he hoped that if ever one day she found herself sitting on the side of the road that someone would do the same for her.

Feeling a bit embarrassed by the generosity of this kind stranger, I didn't know what to do. I deseparately needed that money, but a part of me didn't want to be a burden on someone who didn't even know me and who had already done so much.

"Please," he repeated.

Reluctantly I took the money along with his business card. If anything else happens please call me he said. After I reached my destination and got back on my feet. I tried to find him. I wanted to repay at least a little of the money he had given me. I still had his business card, but when I tried the number, it didn't exist. A google search of his business's name also returned nothing.

To this day, I don't know who he was, but he saved our lives that day, and all of my old friends that use to laugh at me never laughed again.


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author avatar Denise O
8th Mar 2011 (#)

I just love hearing about stories like this. I too believe you get what you put out and hon, you deserve that break. I wish we all would keep our eyes open for these very opportunities to give back. Bless you for doing so and also the man that took the time to open his eyes. Nice read, made my day.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Maurice G
8th Mar 2011 (#)

You always get out of life what you put in even though it seems it does not happen, very good read ! Thanks M

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author avatar Rathnashikamani
8th Mar 2011 (#)


Great insights.
Great Karma, this one.

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author avatar Songbird B
8th Mar 2011 (#)

Thank you for sharing such a wonderful story...It does give you hope that these special people are out there, and that we are watched over...This was very touching....A special kind of share...

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author avatar Tranquilpen
8th Mar 2011 (#)

What can I say about this article? except, dear Defeenah, just keep going on, doing what you do for your fellow humans. A really great story.

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author avatar WordWulf
9th Mar 2011 (#)

A wonderful article detailing a random act of kindness. Nice write!

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author avatar Val Mills
9th Mar 2011 (#)

Wonderful heart warming story. Helping others is so important, though - I certainly didn't want to help the man prowling round my house the other day!

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author avatar Dafeenah
9th Mar 2011 (#)

Val, I think that would be the exception to the rule!! lol

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author avatar Srikanth R
10th Mar 2011 (#)

Nice. You need to visit Very profound.

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