Sometimes a little soul searching is necessary

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Moving on and putting the bad stuff behind can be a difficult task In this particular poem. It s all about having the strength to regain your soul, and begin your life again.

It's Time To Find Me

Every tear tells a story,

of joy or sorrow.

Mine tell a million,

of yesterdays and tomorrows.

A river filled with crushed dreams,

new ones coming to life.

Sometimes the current picks up,

a struggle to stay alive.

Every day that my heart keeps beating,

another dream dies and a new one takes it’s place.

I see it, feel it all over again,

their disgusting face.

Write another story,

get rid of the pain.

Experience it one more time,

but this time with no shame.

Go back to that day,

look them in the eye.

Tell them it ends today,

then begin your life.

The one you would have had,

if they hadn't stolen it from you.

Then do whatever it takes,

to make that come true.

Show no fear,

defeat them at their own game.

Make them regret the day,

they ever stumbled upon your name.

For everyday they control your thoughts,

and take over your mind.

They defeat you a little more,

at a time.

You are right,

they will never stop.

You have to face them,

with everything you've got.

Don’t you think,

they have taken enough?

When is it going to be,

too much?

When they have sucked all the life,

from inside that you have left?

When you can no longer function?

When they take your last breath?

This is your soul speaking,

now take it all back!

Everything they took away,

own this attack!

They are only as powerful,

as you allow them to be.

I am in here somewhere,

It’s time to find me!


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Regardless, of where life takes you there is always a story to be told. If one can look at a negative situation and portray it in a positive way, now that's literature.

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