Song to Space, the Eternity: Poem

John Kolyav By John Kolyav, 15th Sep 2012 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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Our scientific achievements, although very advanced in earthly sense, are negligible compared with the grandeur of Space

Silent Might

No supernova, nor the sun nor the moon
Can glitter you, O eternal Space!

Self shines in you by knowing, great books say
All adjectives are dead! I cannot soon
Come back to my sense, how ecstatic
I became; is it dream or reverie sweet?
Like foams on ocean, in you float the stars
O quite fantastic!
You lead them by the unseen Power Great;
Like dust on earth by wind, they ever flee.

Yea, at your bidding fly the galaxies
They form or deform by your mighty will
What tiny mortal brain, by its thesis
Try in vain to comprehend you still!


My teenage was so sinful, I devoured
Green leaves of my terrible deeds
A caterpillar was I, ever crawled
With segmented sins, yet always thought
To expiate them. My earnest confession
Stretched out one day, like an endless thread;
I spun it day and night and made
A cocoon and pupated a long while
And shed my sins off, again not to bounce

My mind was as calm as the azure sky
So serene, that I flew in wings of time
Through endless space. So happily I could fly.
My soul was pure and my thought sublime
I never knew what season came and gone
And never liked to wake up from the bliss
When stars, I felt, were pasted to my soul
But the nature’s tone
In ears slapped, I woke up as to kiss
The glorious world of you, the Greatest Soul!

Fragile wings

A moth I am to flutter for a while
In this cool world, where peace and silence reign.
The stars, like flowers, from far away smile
O if I could kiss them, what a desire vain!
No direction, no up or down or weight
No illusions of love or hate or tale
Of war or racial violence far beneath
At this noble height!
Let the time be frozen! Let me sail
For ever, ever, till my final breath!


Black Hole, Caterpillar, Eternity, Galaxy, Memoire, Moth, Space, Supernova, Time

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Born in 1963, Postgraduated in 1986. Six novels and four poetry books published. Got three state- level awards for literary works. More details at

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
15th Sep 2012 (#)

Very well expressed, John. Our anguish at the harsh terrain of our own making. Justice seems to be beyond us as few ride rough-shod over the silent majority. We are not even specks in creation but some behave as if the sun revolves around them! siva

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author avatar John Kolyav
16th Sep 2012 (#)

We are not even specks in creation but some behave as if the sun revolves around them!
Absolutely true sir. This is, I think, mainly because of ignorannce in some cases and media eulogize some people unnecessarily. Thanks

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
15th Sep 2012 (#)

this is lovely John...the essence of what truly is...thank you

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author avatar John Kolyav
16th Sep 2012 (#)

Thanks dear very much for the appreciation

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
15th Sep 2012 (#)

Th Universal alignment has come to place,
The beauty of life at such a fast pace.
In movement of planets around the Sun,
Its the Unique Golden Light seen in One.

With the beauty of nature that creates the love,
Sending forth the food chain from Above.
With the Green leaves providing nourishment to the worm,
Which when trampled makes the others squirm.

For it uses it food to build its own web,
The cover of protection that never to ebb.
Sitting there quietly in a meditative state,
It has precise timing and is never too late..

For then from the inside emerges the Star,
Its is the winged One beautiful by far.
With two little feelers nectar to eat,
Creating more babies in the intense heat.

Living for a day but making the most,
Its the motion of life giving it the toast.
It is the legacy of that life in flower,
Who flies in beauty but falls in shower.

In the nectar of the flower comes the great hive,
Where the greatest honey within does survive.
Its wholesome and tasty and full of love,
Its the gift of Creation that is made Above.

For we are all instruments who create the love,
Bringing forth the message from up Above.
It its the anthem that sings out the personal ways,
The anthem of survival through various days.

The vegetative state is the learning curve,
Which shapes the personality in what we deserve.
We are like caterpillars who learn the world ways,
Assimilating products of our yesterdays.

Storing it within the voluminous mind,
Pulling them out in conscious to find.
For these are teachings from Nature's part,
That shows the gifts flowing from the heart.

For when all that is digested the truth shall emerge,
In its breathtaking beauty all the past life submerge.
For the butterfly is the product of spring,
Which comes forth in exuberance of life to sing.

With fluttering colour that dances on reel,
Its the innocent little beauty on window sill.
Bringing out the voice of Nature's heart,
The reason for flowery portraits of Creative Art.

By Anisha Achankunju (C) Lady Aiyanna 16th September 2012

I believe Nature is the Voice of Creation and it always has an example and an allusion that helps us in learning the art of living. I truly believe that the Caterpillar doesn't overeat but eats what it deserves to assimilate and create the cocoon/pupa which stores food for the rainy day and brings about the new life and new beginning by transforming itself from all the caterpillar days of eating, meditating on the past and going forth into the future with the knowledge of yesterday.
Have to say I like the work but not the negative thought and thinking of nature which has been made by Creation of the way how real life ought to be, not the way we human live it.

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author avatar John Kolyav
16th Sep 2012 (#)

No creature, I believe, is inferior or superior to human beings. The caterpillar and moth are myself, not what are seen in nature.
Many thnaks for appreciation and giving me a chance to read your beautiful verses.
'For when all that is digested the truth shall emerge,
In its breathtaking beauty all the past life submerge'

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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
16th Sep 2012 (#)

Human research will go much more further, yet it will never be enough to have to complete knowledge, it is not possible.

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author avatar John Kolyav
16th Sep 2012 (#)

Thank you dear Karim for your comment. Yes Knowledge is an arc, never becomes a circle.

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