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What happens when you write a song? where do the ideas come from?

Writing Songs

My first idea for writing a song came from a poem that I'd written about my dad when he'd died 2+ years previously. 12 verses became 3 verses and a chorus.
Other songs came from personal feelings, for example, I wanted to write about a very close friend who'd helped me along the way; one for my mum and so on.
Sometimes I start with an idea, for instance, when I was in Alcudia , not able to sleep, I got up to sit on the verandah at 5am. I was thinking how lonely it would be if I wasn't here with someone already. The words just flowed. I had to wait until I got home to put a melody to it though.


A few of my songs have originated from attending workshops. Be one and Notice Me, two songs form attending Artist Studios in Bristol, which on my CD.
Interesting they both started differently.
Notice Me started from the title. I tend to do a spider web around the title, thinking of words then phrases I wanted to add.
Be One started from someone, singing the first 6 notes. Once thats in your head, words just come and you put them to the music and build up from there. The title may come last in this case.

Other ideas

Harmony came to me when I thought about a song that I wanted lots of harmonies in. So I had the title then the melody came next. From here, I added words to it, plus the harmonies came.
Travelling is another way to think about songs. The song I'm currently recording is called House of Bricks. I was thinking at the time, what goes on behind those doors I saw, as I travelled to Manchester from Bristol. I had lyrics for it, but the melody actually came again at a workshop. Great backing finishes it all off.
I also have an unfinished song about what I saw in Eygpt when I was there last year, the way some people lived and how different others lived.


I discovered a duet who only sing covers. Neither of them can or have ever tried to write their own songs.
I know they sing at many weddings, so I immediately thought of something to do with this theme.
I'm just waiting to see if they want to take this further and record it- their voices are much better than mine!

Final Idea

As I love to sing, I wanted to write a song about why everyone should be able to sing. Singing is good for you. It's been proven that singing releases happy endorphines. So after a good sing, you generally feel a whole lot better with yourself and ready to face the world!
The idea first was called Let's sing. But because of the chorus, Ring a ding ding- I decided to alter the lyrics slightly to make it more Christmassy.
This is my first and only Christmas song- so far!
Most of the songs mentioned can be found on this link


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Mother of 2 grown up children. Been through depression and come out the other side. Life is wonderful. I love working on my self awareness and actualisation.

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author avatar lindylou
24th Feb 2013 (#)

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author avatar LOVERME
25th Feb 2013 (#)

a song emerges from ones inner soul
you may call it heart of love
of grace
of imagination
of desire

a song is just an emotion
of a moment
as one views the other
in one’s own eyes mirror
no two can ever compose
identical songs,
not even twins,
nor you nor I on similar things
as each mind is an entity
sounds merge many a society.
with love sing a song for me
and I shall return one for thee…

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
25th Feb 2013 (#)

Harmny of music guide the heart,
Voice of Creation play yor part.
With rhythm and timng within soul,
Bringing the melody true and whole.

I feel the melody and add the love,
Like nurturing a baby along with angels Above.
It is spiritual and plays life's part,
Deciphering melodies within the heart.

Find the beat and create a phrase,
Put a tune and start to amaze.
For its the variation that progresses the song,
Its what I do just all the day long.

It could be Unison, instrumental or contrary,
With intricate tunes and harrmony.
Its the cadence that tells each phrase apart,
Perfect, Plagal, Interrupted playing its part.

Put the time and bring it to dance,
Insert emotion get the romance.
For its all about experimenting
patterns in art,
With the Baroque and Classical playing its part.

Adding the romance with orchestral bass,
Making it flow like intricaate lace.
Changing the rhythm like pulsating heart,
Creating a repetition to create each part.

Using Codas and Fine and DC Al Fine,
Feeling all rhythm with ears and antenae.
For its my melody that makes a song,
Creating the vibration just all day long.

By Anisha Achankunju (C) Lady Aiyanna 26th February 2013

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