Sounds and Signs of Life

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White noise in the bush. The white noise sound of the wind, rain, and waves is therapy,
Stand still. Hear it -- it's everything and nothing at the same time,
It's the sound of the country and nature,
Sound carries so far and so purely. There's nothing to interrupt it; it just goes on. Lovely.

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It's the wonderful truth of the science of creation,
Sound lives and it's on show,
Listen... there it is!! Proof no less,
It brings form and meaning into creation; order in the chaotic Cosmos at that moment. It's perfect.

Momentum flows as this sound energy motivates a perfect continuum generating little or no resistance,
Traffic too, can be heard far off... it too carries... its noise,
Sound -- it all adheres to the same rules. But some of it's just noise; alas, the miracles of science explain it all,
Trucks heard from miles away break this perfect continuum of the earth's grace.

Birds -- playing a symphony -- hear them perform,
Some are constant providing a gentle, incessant rhythm,
Some breaking in, interjecting, starring as 'soloists,'
Playing the lead.

Sunlight breaking through shadows,
A secluded reminder of the heat energy of the sun,
Light bending in conformance to creation's rules,
The road still wet, in parts at least, as the shadows move gently with the sun's progress.

Condensation dropping from tree leaves above,
The innocent dew of the morning,
A random smattering of dew drops are heard,
Forest in action we hear and then can 'see'.

Existence pure and simple -- nature at peace with itself,
Like nature, humanity does not change -- it is static,
The same things are repeated generation after generation,
Though we think we're all so new.

It's like a "new song" that's suddenly recognised,
As a song already known,
Wow, we knew it all along.


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