South Africa: Unsavable from total collapse?

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Tonight, Father and Mother and I watch the news in the West Wing.

Oh dear. I've suspected as much before, but tonight it particularly strikes me: Is South Africa's people and their government even savable from total collapse, or even a complete revolution?

Nelson Mandela = Utopia?

If you believe the romanticised tale that the media cashed in on selling the story of "The New South Africa" and "Nelson Mandela" being the first president elected in "free democratic" elections way back in 1994, then you'd probably think that henceforth the South African people would live a happy ending in some kind of Utopia.

Unfortunately real life doesn't have happy "endings" - there's no end for everything just keeps going and as always, it's hard work to build, keep together and maintain.

We all love Nelson Mandela, and believe that his ideals of a South Africa where everybody is "equal" and "free", were pure and true. Unfortunately, there was only one of him. Perhaps if he cloned himself into an entire cabinet and local municipality heads, perhaps things would actually have been idealistic and we'd feel very positive and proud of our government right now.

18 years down the line, what do we think about the new, democratic government, which is really nothing other than a black, vanguard African National Congress dominated government?

ANC = Corruption

Most every South African who strives for good, might probably tell you that the first word that comes to mind is CORRUPTION, corruption, corruption...

Volumes can be written about the criminal behavior of ANC people in high positions of trust, and how corruption by the ANC government is defended by their attempts to instate laws silencing the media from reporting on the criminal conduct of people in power, and dismantling crime fighting bodies like the Scorpions so these can no longer expose the deeds of criminals in government.

Due to mismanagement and corruption, many ANC-run municipalities the country over are bankrupt due to mismanagement and incompetence (read nepotism, cadre deployment, theft and a lack of work ethic). People protesting violently against "poor service delivery" and lack of public service delivery, have become a common theme of news bulletins. Municipalities sending out completely and deliberately incorrect electricity and water bills to people, and even billing people who aren't even connected to the electricity grid, have become discussion in many publications, as well as how many desperate communities have had to come together and pay private contractors to do the work of the municipality.

Ever rising cost of living for ever less benefits in return

New taxes, tolls and price hikes of utilities are a constant pain in the neck, making survival possible only for the super, super rich. We were quite nautious in my area when a couple of years ago, suddenly property tax was instated, and it's not a small amount. Insane price raises of electricity have of course caused a raise in everything produced using that electricity, which caused prices of services and products to skyrocket. Even plastic bags to pack your groceries in after you have just spent a fortune on ever more expensive-getting groceries, you now have to pay a fee to the government for. Plastic bags, yes!!!

Farm murders

Many people wholeheartedly believe, and can refer to evidence, that bolshevist elements are killing off farmers, as just about every weekend, farmers and their families are reported to have been murdered. Where this country is going to get food to feed itself when all the competent commercial farmers are dead, should indeed be a matter of concern. Though the issue of farm murders have been raised to the ANC government many times, are they really competent enough to put a stop to it? Or have the political will?

E-toll = crime against humanity! No more right of free movement!

But the latest issue that's causing most every South African to feel that this government doesn't represent us, the people, and are doing it to us, instead of being representative of us doing it together, is the latest way of parasiting all the money out of the people. I am of course refering to none other than the "e-toll" system.

The hatred of this system is clearly evident.

What the "e-toll" system is about to the man on the street, is that this ANC government's road agency strategically selected all the absolutely essential roads in the Rand, that is around Johannesburg and Pretoria, two very big, very important South African cities where just about every business' head office is located, and that connects every business and worker with their job, and now suddenly they want everybody to pay heavy tolls to use these roads and highways. Of course the only people who can use the roads for free, are government officials!

This of course caused an outrage among the public, civilian groups and businesses . How shortsighted is this parasitic government? Now that the insane hikes in electricity tariffs have made just about everything unaffordable, now they want to heavily tax the use of essential roads so that every business using those roads in any way, will have to add the cost of the heavy toll to their service and product prices too??? How in blazes is a population of whom it seems 75 % live in total poverty, going to afford anything?

There have been many protests , and many signed objections handed in, giving the message clearly to this government that we, the people, DO NOT WANT THIS e-toll rubbish!

But of course their response is one that can be interpreted as "we don't care what you want. We are an oppressive government who will force our will on you when you say no. We are parasites that way." Not surprisingly, they have promised to levy three times the tariff on people who don't shut up and register to be sucked dry by this tolling system. The punishments have rightly been labeled "inhumane".

Of course, this constitutes nothing other than rape. Rape is when someone forces their will on you when you say no. The ANC government is raping its people, not to mention completely destroying their constitutional right of free movement.

This "e-toll" crime against humanity caused huge protests on the day it commenced, as have been promised by civilian groups on the news . Personally I do hope they grab those road agency and greedy government officials who had these huge structures built overhead on the highways that toll people automatically, and hang them from their own structures. They make convenient gallows.

What's to come? Please not something even worse than the ANC!

As Father and Mother and I watch TV, and we see more violent protests by a community for municipal service delivery, showing a group of young black men saying "we want someone from the municipality to come speak to us NOW, and give us services NOW, not when!", of course being greeted with being ignored by their municipality, a thought dawns on me:

Is South Africa even savable politically? Sometimes it seems people are so desperate, they are ready to revolt. Can they just vote someone else into power? In the Western Cape, the DA is in power, and things seem much better there. Seems people from the Eastern Cape are fleeing to the Western Cape, something which if mentioned causes much anger among ANC government folks.

Well, talking about a revolution is probably extreme. Most people don't want the instability period that would bring, and won't want to parttake in any revolution.

Could the black masses just vote someone else into power? Loyalty to the ANC who delivered them from the "Apartheid" government seems to be thickly engraved in a large sum of the black population. However, I think someone I heard on the radio once put it best:

The ANC was good as a movement to help overthrow the Apartheid government, through destructive methods of terrorism, planting bombs, violent protests, strikes and resistence. However, now that's done, what's needed now is nurturing qualities. It's easy to destroy a country when you want to make a point, but to do something constructive and take care of that country is a whole another ballgame. The now defunct mindset of rebellion against rules and laws, and doing activities in secret, is now to their discredit.

I think these past 18 years have proven that we as the South African population can NOT survive under the ANC government OVER THE LONG TERM. I know that would be generalizing the ANC quite some, when many individuals working as ANC government people may actually be doing their best and strive to higher ideals, and doing great jobs in their positions.

However, taking into account how towns and roads are falling apart due to municipal corruption and mismanagement, appointing unqualified people in positions because they're ANC, and deliberate negligence and pure laziness, and lying on bills sent out to the public about what they owe, and how clean water is quite a problem since municipal water works are in decay, and the large scale corruption by people in positions of trust, the staggering corruption and mismanagement and abuse in the police force, and most of all, how instead of alleviating poverty and raising standards of living, this government is ever exceedingly taxing and parasiting off of its people like greedy pigs, it's obvious that something's got to give.

Yes, you poor desperate man on TV asking government to do their job, you just one among millions, and exactly how and why do you think your municipality that's not doing their job because it's just not what they do, would suddenly decide "oh, you're right you desperate peasant and nobody, let's do our jobs and get people qualified for the job to serve in our offices, while we fire our incompetent corrupt friends so they lose the lavish salary we pay them. Then we'll come do our job just because you asked."?

They'll just say they don't have money. They squandered all their money they received from taxing the people, on themselves and their greed, now if you ask something, they'll tax you to pay for it, and not deliver it anyway.

What the future brings, we shudder to know, while at the same time being curious about it. I suppose now we should take it one step at a time:


It will create a South Africa where everything is even less affordable than now, and good people are jailed by the masses for refusing to be exploited by an abusive government.

Ok, I probably painted a very bleak picture of South Africa here, when there are so much about South Africa that is absolutely wonderful, and have kept me from ever thinking of living anywhere else! But I'm afraid if one focuses on the current politics and the staggering rise of living costs, a very negative picture that's not very rosy dominates the mind.

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