Sparrows and their Egg: Poem for Children

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This is a story-poem for small children, 4-8. It may help to remember things in sequence. This is the translation of folklore in Kerala.

Beloved egg

There lived two sparrows
Wife and husband
In a mango tree.

The lady sparrow
Laid an egg,
A very small one
Alas! It fell into a hole.
They tried and tried
To take it out
When they could not,
They sat on the branch and cried


When a carpenter came
The sparrows begged,
“O carpenter, O carpenter,
Can you please take out our egg?
It is small, but dear to us!
It is fallen in the hole.”

The carpenter said, “I’m busy
I have to build
A very big house.”
The angry sparrows waited more
For another man
Who could help them.

Wild boar

A wild bore came that way
And they asked,
“O dear boar, O dear boar,
Can you destroy
The field of the carpenter,
Who did not take out
Our beloved egg?”

“It is boring!
I have to play
With my friends, in the muddy pool.”

Roaring gun

There came a walking gun
And they begged,
“O dear, dear gun,
Can you shoot
The dirty boar,
Who did not destroy
The paddy field
Of the cruel carpenter?”

The gun shouted,
“I have no time
To shoot any boar;
I’m for war!”

The rat

There came a rat
And they requested,
“O dear rat,
Can you gnaw
The trigger of the gun,
Who did not shoot
The very fat boar?”

The rat replied, “I’m
Searching for worms
Find someone else!”

The cat

There came a cat
The sparrows asked,
“O dear Tom,
Can you catch
The brawny rat,
Who did not gnaw
The boasting gun?”

The cat replied, “I can’t!
I’m going to steal
My master’s fish.”

The bull dog

A very big dog
Came that way.
The sparrows asked,
“O dear bull dog,
Can you bite Tom,
Who did not catch the rat?”

The dog replied,
“I cannot, birds!
I have to guard
My master’s home.”

An old man

The angry sparrows
Waited again;
Came that way
A bearded old man.

The sparrows asked,
“O dear grandpa,
Can you beat
The dirty dog,
Who did not bite
The cheating Tom?”

The old man said,
“I have no time
To beat any dog.
It is a sin, beating animals!
I have to reach home
Before night.”

The fire

There came a red, hot fire;
The sparrows cried,
“O dear flame,
Can you burn
The white beard
Of the old man,
Who did not beat the dog?”

The fire said,
“I am busy to cook.
I have no time
To burn any beard!”


As the fire went,
Water came flowing.
They asked, “O dear water,
Can you put out
The very proud fire,
Who did not burn
The old man’s beard?’

The water sang,
“I am very busy,
I have to wash
Lots of clothes.”


An elephant came by.
The sparrows asked,
“O biggest friend,
Can you step over
And make muddy the water,
Who did not put out
The red, hot fire?”

he elephant replied,
“See, I’m very busy
I have to go
For the festival
People are waiting for me.”

The brave ant

The sparrows were sad
But, there came
A small, black ant.

The sparrows requested,
“O dear little friend,
Can you enter
The big, long nose
Of the bumble elephant
Who did not step over the water,
Who did not put out
The red, hot fire,
Who did not burn
The beard of the old man,
Who did not beat the dog,
Who did not bite
The cheating Tom,
Who did not catch the rat,
Who did not gnaw
The boasting gun,
Who did not shoot
The wild boar,
Who did not destroy
The paddy field
Of the cruel carpenter,
Who did not take out
Our beloved egg?”

The ant said cheerfully,
“Dear sparrows,
I shall do it!
I’m busy, storing food
For the winter.
Yet, I shall enter the trunk
Of the mighty elephant”

The brave, little ant
Climbed on the resting elephant,
Entered his trunk
And bit so hard!
The elephant sneezed and sneezed
To push it out!

The elephant ran and ran,
Crying in pain.
On the way
He stepped over the water.

A little splash
Fell on the fire.
The frightened fire
Ran for life

And on its way
It touched the beard
Of the old man.

The angry grandpa
Saw the dog
In front of him;
He hit it hard.

The dog cried and ran,
And on his way
He saw the cat
And tried to bite.
The cat ran away
And on his way
He saw the rat
And jumped upon it.

But, the clever rat
Escaped and hid
Under the gun.

For passing time
It gnawed the trigger.
The bullet was shot
And it hit the leg
Of the wild boar,
Who was playing
A little away.

The wounded boar
Was very angry
It ran to the field
And destroyed everything
And rushed to attack the carpenter!

The frightened man
Climbed on the mango tree.
He saw the hole
And a small egg inside.
He took it out
And gave to the sparrows.

The sparrows thanked him
And thanked the brave ant.

And they flew away
To another tree
With their beloved egg.

(If this could be converted into a cartoon movie it would be fine. I have no resource. Sorry.)


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4th Sep 2012 (#)

wow that was long but enjoyable.

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4th Sep 2012 (#)

Thank you very much sir!

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