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An ongoing work in progress. This is one of many versions, a possible attempt at an epic, I'm not really sure. I think this was a companion piece to something earlier, just never quite wrapped it up. This version was discovered when going through some recovered files on a now deceased flash drive.


1. In Seasons

Were we once in summer, with the warmth of days, the length of possibilities, pushed through sizzling reality.

Not just in summer, wearing only a gentle breeze, chasing twilight into a light golden haze; promise not far behind
Dancing in warmer days, believing and hearing the rhythm of my song

Then was it not just fall, walking across the crunch of reds and yellows, cooler days
Quickly bending to evening as the sky swirls in near perfect pewter, the lyrics of my song still loud enough, despite the sudden rush.

Really just fall, pulling out the jeans, carefully leaving the sweaters exactly where they were

Where was spring with its green rains drenching the dying earth, leaving muddy prints
Longing for clean crisp

Like resurrection Sunday morning with everything straight out of packages, tags, bags strewn about, all of us reaching for a piece of perfect pretty

Was it once just summer, twinkling evenings enveloping the heat of days that seem to never end.
Brilliant blue mornings welcoming laughter, childhood’s joy released

Just summer was it once
How long before this brutal winter left us trapped indoors layered against thick ice,
Gingerly making our way towards what once seemed so ordinary, reaching for everything the world demands

2. The World’s Demands

The world demands
Success, failure, riches, want
We demand control
Anything everything
All things

The world moves not in straight lines nor smooth paths
But in off center broken ground, crumbling foundations

We step between the cracks, around the barriers, in warning or obligatory afterthought

Where is it we think we were going?
The world does not stop
Are we moving with the world or against it?

The world demands order
And we are chaos
With all that we think we are, all the shit we leave trailing behind
Like droppings of untrained animals
Making sure we can always be found,
The world knows exactly precisely where we are. We can not be lost for too long

And yet…
We insist, persist in hiding from the world, run from it
Especially when the world is too much
Too loud and full of white noise
Too hot to speak
And yet we do

Speak against the roar, reach into the middle of madness
Wonder where the pain came from, pull back too late

We are chaos scattered, disjointed
Piled too high, stretched too thin
Becoming distorted, seeing our reflections through fun house mirrors

The world demands balance
Wrong and right,
Each question needing an answer
Every shout and tear, scream
Raised in either triumph or despair

The world does not exist in silence
It moves, breathes, marches to the sounds of our chaos
Dances in the echo of our ordinary creates
Our wake would wash up and over all the bits and pieces
Our rage, indifference-ignorance leave

The world asks, we answer
Demands, and we protest
Pushes then pulls
Against our currents
That space where we are, have always been and yet don’t want to be
But we stay, continue to ignore the world speaking


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Born and raised in the Midwest; poet, mother wife

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author avatar GenkiWorld
19th Jan 2015 (#)

so lovely and well writen, we seem to be death to the world no matter the passing of seasons :)

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author avatar abbie
19th Jan 2015 (#)

thank you for reading

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author avatar Delicia Powers
20th Jan 2015 (#)

Beautifully profound!!!

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author avatar abbie
20th Jan 2015 (#)

Thank you for reading

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author avatar PJ Dorantes
20th Jan 2015 (#)

Deep and beautiful! Thanks for sharing it!

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