Speech of ‘The future of online shopping.’

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Actually, I exposed this because of I just want to share a speech that I already made. I made this in order to help me during my real speech examination

Speech of ‘The future of online shopping.’

Honorable the adjudicator, good morning

I’m standing here want to take speech under the title ‘the future of online shopping.’

Ladies and gentleman,

In this time, shopping is what almost every girl loves to do. Some say it simply makes them happy, while some people claim shopping to be a therapeutic activity. Nowadays, since we are living in a more advanced generation, we rely so much on technology and gadgets that even the simplest things, like shopping, can be done with the aid of internet and computers.

Online shopping became popular during the Internet boom in 1999-2000. Amazon.com, the online bookstore founded by Jeff Bezos, created history by becoming the first bookstore with a presence only on the Internet.
Following the success of Amazon, many bookstores also created an online presence on the Internet.

The honorable adjudicator,

By the time, Shopping online is about to explode. Retailers of all types are expanding product offerings, adding in-store pickup, free shipping and experimenting with social media. It’s getting harder to tell pure play Internet retailers from the bricks and mortar shops with online portals, and all of them are reinventing how we’ll shop online in the future.

Ladies and gentleman,

In the future of shopping, the customer is more right than ever before. Today’s consumers already have ability to demand the product they want, and tomorrow’s consumers will have even more power than that.

The forces reshaping the retail, can affect not only about the e-commerce. But, also changes the social behavior, some of it driven by technology but also shifting demographics and economic globalization.

The honorable adjudication,

There are big deals that should we know the reasons of why people prefer do online shopping in the future.
• Convenient - we can buy clothes or anything we want with just one click, while we lay on the sofa.
No need to fall in line. Just enter our credit card info and transaction is completed in an instant.
• Saves Time – because we no need to go around the mall for hours, trying to find that perfect dress we want. Just type in a few keywords and we’ll definitely find something nice.
• Wide Range of Choices – Online shopping gives a variety of choice that’s not limited to what’s in the store racks and stock rooms.

As the potential of online shopping is being grasped, the risks are going up too.
• Risky – make sure that the online store website and the items we plan to buy, is legitimate.
• Waiting Period – we will need to wait at least 24 hours before our purchase is delivered to our home.
• No Guarantees – There are chances of your mail not getting delivered on time, or wrong in address.
Ladies and gentleman,

There’s no harm in trying new things, especially if it it’s going to make our lives easier. The internet made shopping more convenient and accessible to everyone. It’s up to you whether you want to stick to shopping at the malls, or experience shopping online without breaking a sweat. The important thing is we need to be careful and be wise in doing online shopping.


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