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An inquiry into the efficacy of spirituality and its practice

Has Spirituality Worked?

The universe, consciousness, the incarnations, the prophets and then the scriptures, religious books and the wisdom packed into them, to the spiritually inclined there seems to a huge alumni base to fall back upon in need. To the not so religious there is the fresh human query, modern science, inventions & discoveries, axioms, postulated and theories to rely upon. The world as its stands today must nearly be the same in its ideology and belief that existed years back. Blind Faith of the yester years must have been replaced with rationale and scientific enquiry and faith, patience and sacrifice outsourced to a Spiritual channel. If one could measure the net faith or kindness or patience that exists at a particular time, like we do for economic indicators, what would one find? Of course there are scales available in the Indian mythology (Kundalini being one scale to indicate the kind of thoughts and patterns an individual or society follows, but much work is required here.) Would one notice a major shift in the awareness? Have the societies, countries evolved? And what evidence would back this hypothesis? Have wars reduced? Has the world become tolerant of itself? Have people become more helping, relaxed and satisfied with themselves?

Spirituality, a supposed panacea will have a lot to answer and defend. Has it worked or has been able to make an impact on the world. Has it reached the level where it can influence modern day decision making? Has it impacted the way we do business or the way we go about working in our jobs? The long promoted models of” Enough for need and not for greed” and “Limits to growth” have lost their way in the political musical chairs. Who would want to disturb the way we do business? The cleavage in the thought process of the world starts appearing suddenly. Instead of reducing morbid consumption, the world today is pushing technology to produce sustainable growth possibilities. One guesses that instead of deploying it bottom up, the principles of spirituality should be deployed top-down. It’s the key opinion leaders, the shareholders, the management, the ministers who should endorse this, to be able to make a successful impact. Have the principals of spirituality vide tolerance, patience and brotherhood reached the levels of foreign policy making? Far from it, the stratification between the various worlds has become an ominous gorge. The rising and the risen economies will have to slug it out so that a power equations and re- defined with an increased share to the rising powers. (JM Keynes was right in many ways and it would not be wrong to extrapolate his models to other situations involving human behavior. The world does ratchet a lot and is elastic only on paper! )Has spirituality stepped beyond, the prayer rooms of the average household? Look at life on the streets of a big city and you will know.

Is spirituality a weapon of the weak? Is it that the helpless masses endorse it to find resort into when facing conflicts which they can’t muscle around? Even the tallest of Gurus in India accept that meditation has become a stress buster rather a weapon to evolve spiritually. Considering that the percentage population aspiring for Enlightenment would have not shifted dramatically (In Bhagwad Gita, Lord Krishna says, only 1 in a thousand aspire for me, and they too are not guaranteed success) the average practitioners would be looking for either a one- time experience or relief from some problems.

Historically, most of the spiritual scepter has been in the hands of the Eastern world, the now rising powers. And we all know that the principles of patience, love and equanimity are for real. So, one would fancy believe that if they come to power one can see some of the spirituality getting practiced. Is it really so? The five year old raped in Delhi can share her piece of mind here.


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