Spontaneous Ecstatic Poetry and Prose III

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These are selections of the ecstatic poetry and prose that spontaneously combust from my being, sweeping pen over page as I watch. What I "hear" is too beautiful to express. The best I can do is translate and something is always lost in translation. Just don't mistake the signpost for the destination no matter how ornate or simple it is decorated.


I AM we
You are me
There is no them, only us

Entangled waves now cresting in a quantum sea
Traces left even in this very body

Reflections in our minds
Mirror neurons
Resonant magnetism
Between heartbeats
Like transmitter/receivers
Not hard drives and software

When the surf finally breaks
I will take the plunge
My entry is sure to leave ripples
Of resonance

Soon another wave forms
Surfs up!

You and I

What wild and unrestrained games we play
You and I

I can feel you looking through my eyes
And my heart reels

Are we one yet two?
Are we All yet none?
Am I the moon?
Are you the sun?

Or am I the tide and you are both?

Speaking openly in the day
You are self-illumination

Whispers in the night's quiet
Self-reflected from afar

Beloved, touch me again
My skin aches for you

Kiss me with your grace
My lips are flushed awaiting your taste

Pay no attention to my mind
It is a liar and a cheat
It knows nothing of love

Let your waves lap the shores of my soul without end
A motion coaxing me to a climax
Again and again

Don't let me sleep this time between
Being and being seen

Stay with me
Hold me awake

Leave me no more
Love me my Beloved
The One I adore

Photographs and Memories

Photographs and memories
Images of who we used to be

They keep us

And keep us dreaming
Remembering eventually

Our antidotes and remedies
Are the product of our searches
To numb what hurts us
The product of our centuries

The pain is
Simply expressing a need

To be here presently
Before another day is lost

To Yesterday's tomorrow
A memory

It is better to remember
That every moment in life is borrowed

For this body,
Will go into collection one day

Too many bounced checks

Mirrors and Windows

These eyes
Windows to the world

The eye behind them
Looks upon a hidden mirror

The mirror was covered in dust
And though countless ages have past
Only one breath was needed to blow it free

Polishing it, though, took a gesture of greater length
And a little strength
Or so it seems from the view of time and mind

Now the mirror shines
When the sunlight strikes it

It lights the entire room
Where my windows look out upon the world

The windows, too, are covered with a thin film
Dust within, pollen without

The dust never collects for long when the house is kept
The pollen comes in cycles
But is soon washed clean by the rains

Where There is No Why

What is One to do?

Where is One to go?

Who is One to be?

And when?

Beyond stillness, some One stirs
Beyond distance, some One dances
Beyond being someone

Timeless Eternity
The love of joy

Where there is no why

World of Strangers

Every Body is afraid of Love
Every Body wants to be loved
Living in a world of strangers
'Cause no Body knows who to trust

Every Body wants to be trusted
But no Body trusts the Self
Living in a world of strangers
We're even strangers to our Self

Every Body wants to be needed
Afraid to need some Body else
Living in a world of strangers
Where no One knows any One
'Cause we don't know our Self

But there is always another chance
Always another day
Life's a gamble and dance
Don't make it more work than play

You can't get what you've never given
You can't give what you've never had

Life is for the living
So live the most of the life you have

The Road We've Walked So Many Times

Here we are
On a road we've walked so many times
Our blisters have calloused

Happiness, a nowhere to find
Self-centered security
A sub-conscious mind

Dis-eased and ignorant
The eyes see but are blind

Reality is in front of You
But the lower case is stuck at an incline

Inclined to wants, ignoring Its needs
Left behind because of the lies It believes

The weakness is inherent in the design
Its purpose to recycle or refine

Evolution takes place
In more than physical space

Beyond race
This has no face

There is no way
And no way to describe it

Once upon a time
We stopped trying
And the person began to impersonate the Divine

But true being is beyond both space and time
All else is the Imposter
Pretending to be You, disguised as the mind

Look closely

Viewed nakedly and honestly
Who do you find?

Behind Me

I've got a few lives behind me
Now moving into the future knowingly
Intentionally blindly

I spent time like money trying to find me
To find some thing to remind me

Maybe rewind me
So the ghost in my mind
Would never have used illusion to bind me

How I allowed it to hypnotize me
And so kept myself from finding


Looking for


Nature designed me
So I let nature refine me

Let it align me
Let it go


Set my being free
From this Nobody's hold

Nobody to be
Nowhere to go

Everything left on a need to know basis

Joy is Unbelievable

Joy is unbelievable
"Man cannot be happy!"

But talk of sadness
And you are believed immediately

The tree's joy is not a choice
Man has options
Though the decision is ultimately limited

Joy depends on which I you are
A ecstatic One needs no religion

No temple, no church
The ecstatic One's temple is the whole
The universe

Then Life becomes the altar
This very body/mind

You have nothing to lose but your misery
But people cling even to that

The continuity of pain pretending immortality

But now is the only time
Here is the only space

The mind is in chase
But Its tethered

Its searches for pleasure
So it misses the joy that is present

Joy is spiritual
Totally different from pleasure
It can't be gotten
It can't be given

It is the fragrance of what you are


You come with empty hands
You leave with empty hands


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C. Christian Dahinden, the Chadyoga Upanisad, is a feral monk, writer and mystic, as well as an artist and musician.

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