Spontaneous Ecstatic Poetry and Prose V

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These are selections of the ecstatic poetry and prose that spontaneously combust from my being, sweeping pen over page as I watch. What I "hear" is too beautiful to express. The best I can do is translate and something is always lost in translation. Just don't mistake the signpost for the destination no matter how ornate or simple it is decorated.

Cocnut Water

The water of being
Is hidden deep within the nut

It is surrounded by the tough fibers
Of thinking too much

If you have a sharp machete
To reach it is easy enough

Though if your not careful
In the process you may be cut

If you don't have a knife
You'll have to improvise

Be sure to be careful
For the meat's not the prize

Though its taste is pleasing
And its appearance is white

It is the water you spilt
That holds the electro-lights

The meat is simply
A longer delight

Not for the being
Rather the clinging mind

The Silent Inner Voice

My writing is not by choice
It is the natural response
To that silent inner voice

So nonchalant
Not knowingly didactic
Or philosopher's flaunt

There are no tactics
Strategy or trick
It is not mental acrobatics

Not a play of casual wit
Nor some thing I've captured
I have nothing to do with it

I AM, enraptured
Watching the pen dance
It is not manufactured

My writing is not by choice
It is the natural response
To the silent inner voice

The 21st Of June

The full moon
Is the dominant light
In the dark of night

The sun, by the earth
Is simply obscured

In the depth of that darkness
Dawn is a dream

A distant hope
Trusted though unseen

The skeptics wander
From house to house
Tightly clutching their timid lanterns

Complaining and lamenting,
"The sun is a phantom!"

Their mistrust
Has always been their anthem

For the time-being
Anything seems true

Just days before
Their "great" grandfathers said

"There's no such thing as darkness"
"The sun never sets"

How quickly and quietly
The fearful forget

I say:
Take heart
The night isn't long
In this time of the seasons
Tomorrow is the 21st of June!

The Other Shore

We love to daydream of the Other shore
Where sands are soft
And the sea is gentle
We imagine its jungles full of sun ripened fruit
And ourselves resting beneath the sway of palms
We sigh at the scent of plumeria
Carried to us by God's very breath

In the midst of our pleasant escape
A sudden shout shatters the peace
It is our name called with conditions
Deadlines and promises
Tether us to the mistake

We peer out of our small window
The world we see
Seems so black and white
Colored only by the shades of grey we invent
To entertain us 'til deep sleep overtakes us
And we forget who we are
Even if only for a night

It is intriguing that we love that state so much
Spend our hours work for a comfortable bed
So that we can taste formlessness
Where the world has vanished and no one is with us
So deeply at peace

It is intriguing because we fear death
With the same fervor
That we do the freedom of living
But death and deep sleep are similar
The story is no more
And we awake from it refreshed

A Pathless Path

There is a pathless path
It connects two destinations
Now and Here
It does so by traversing nowhere
Walking upon it
No footprints are left
To make the journey
No passports or visas are required
And maps don't help

It is a pathless land
There are no trails
And none are needed

You are the starting point and the destination
The trip and traveler

So what's the mystery, then?
What's the BIG IDEA, you complain?

The you I'm talking to
Isn't the you that thinks
Isn't the you that feels
Isn't the you that tells
Stories about who you are

It is the You
To which the stories are told

The Marketplace

In the marketplace of this world
Vendors surround you

On every side
Their wares displayed

They call to you
enticing your attention

It is always a special price,
The last chance,
Or one-time offer

If you go to the market again
The next morning
Nothing will have changed

The marketplace will empty your pockets
Of time and energy

If it isn't food for your body
Your purchase will not serve you

Better to cross quickly
As if with dysentery
And the only restroom
Is on the other side of the great square

Homeless Hitchhiker

When this journey began
I had no idea

Where I came from
I can't remember

How long I have been on this road
Is any Body's guess

I have been hitchhiking
At night

I kept the drivers awake
While they would tell me stories

But most of the rides
I slept through until morning

Ages have past
Like the bodies that have picked me up

This is my first day trip
And the passing landscape
Is much easier to see clearly

Penned By An Unknowable Author

A poem penned
By an unknowable author

A song sung
By a silent voice

The object
Of an Unknowable lover

The result
Of an unknowable choice



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author avatar C Christian Dahinden
C. Christian Dahinden, the Chadyoga Upanisad, is a feral monk, writer and mystic, as well as an artist and musician.

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author avatar Retired
7th Mar 2013 (#)

Namaste! Yay! Another mystical poet here...nice to see another traveler on the pathless path being an instrument of I AM is it dances on the page. :) Aum...

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author avatar C Christian Dahinden
7th Mar 2013 (#)

Namaste! Namaskar! Hope you enjoyed the spontaneous outpouring...Most of what writes itself has been thrown away over the years...At the request of another fellow traveler I have begun to post them as they come...Thanks for the remark...I hope your day is filled with sun, song and sweetness!

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author avatar Retired
7th Mar 2013 (#)

Thank you! It is! Jai Ma...Glad to see you here on Wikinut, fellow Sadhak...Namaste

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author avatar Labyrinth
11th Mar 2013 (#)

So much wonder here! Each builds on the other, by the end my mind screams for more. That's one cool pen you've got there.

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author avatar C Christian Dahinden
13th Mar 2013 (#)

Thanks a lot...I am glad you enjoyed my musings.

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