Spring Again

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What a feeling one can get when there is that season of spring

Spring Again

Once again that happiness is such that the whole body is throbbing
Because it is spring and its presence cause such to be precipitating
The muscles of the arms will certainly enjoy the times for relaxing
Because gone are those unpleasant day of snow shoveling

What feeling too it is to stop and listen to those birds singing
Signaling too that this period is certainly one that they are enjoying
But too there is a sight that will bring one this feeling of awe
There will be fishing again in the lake as in spring it will start to thaw

In some places there will be the implementation of Daylight Saving time
This extra hour of sunlight can be used to stimulate the mind
As it can be used to get in that well needed moment of recreation
Or sit and watch the sun setting behind the mountain or horizon

It is amazing to see the animals forage for their food
And that period of inertia make them hungry and not in a good mood
Some may even take that moment to certainly attract a mate
As spring makes them feel so amorous and so it’s time to procreate

What a wonder it is as one closes the eyes and let it all sink in
Certainly in that mood this can be so very enchanting
Taking in those deep breaths and would certainly tolerate in a way
That pungent aroma characteristic of a skunk just for that day

Also on the trees on can see that they too are making preparation
For once again growing the foliage that is of specie definition
And those bees too now seeking nectar from those many blossom
Whose aroma and color will attract them for the process of pollination?

What joy there is that can be found in the season of spring
One that can make such joy in the mind and body ring
Even some institutions from those studies take that sabbatical do take
So that those within their wall can certainly enjoy a spring break


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the season of spring

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