Spring begins to move and Tremble

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And wispy smoke that so gracefully curled
Above the green young elms; to a sky
If peace can be found in this fragile world
The humble man might find hope here

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The meanest floweret of the vale
The simplest note that swell the gale
The common sun, the air, the skies
To me are opening paradise

Early in the Year

Early in the year a young man walks with a stout Yew stick firmly on his shoulder,
Resting on damp grey stone looking all around watching the birds and smiling,
Rising from the stone he drops a snowdrop and a forget-me-not onto the cold ground
He had not taken two steps and these flowers have taken root and they begin to grow.
To renew the soul's dark cottage that now lays broken, both battered and decayed.

Wet winter aged Bushes

Wet winter aged bushes turned towards this young man he stops and they begin to dry,
Hawthorns nod in thanks and they show him a blanket made of beautiful white blossom,
Colors begin to show in crags by rushing rivers it is time for the heather to wake up,
The young man slowly turned around gray damp plants stood upright their colors bright.
Just as cold waters feeds thirsty souls, time and his hour runs through the roughest day.

Rabbits Dart

Rabbits dart from their warrens scurrying looking and finding the Dianthus allwoodii,
Cock Pheasants run in circles baby pheasants grow the proper plumage with their mums,
Frogs hop and croak in the long grass looking for mosquitoes and midges for breakfast,
Caterpillars slither along looking for foliage, plant stems and any unsuspecting flowers.
Retreating the cold, re changing last years beds then perchance the dead anew

Scars across Meadows

Moles wander leaving scars across the meadows looking for earthworms and insects, Spiders living on lower leaves, a Rhododendron bug a pest making the leaves go brown,
The Creeping Thistle is a tall weed it grows very quickly and has beautiful yellow flowers,
The Colts foot is outstanding with its flowering bright yellow head emerging in Springtime.
The common sun, purest of air, and a yellow blue sky beauty absolutely undecidable.

Proud Tomorrow

As he made his way across orchards glades and tiny little brooks the land burst into glory
Grey washed away and bright colors took their place and all turned to a brilliant beauty,
New buds on trees creating a huge canvas ready for painting an incredible masterpiece,
Water in the brooks bubbled with joy and birds sang young Spring had returned again.
And spring events stride on and on, as in today, already walks a proud tomorrow


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author avatar Terry Trainor
I am a Poet.
My passion is to write about nature and the history of nature.

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author avatar Mariah
2nd Mar 2016 (#)

Just absolutely beautiful x

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author avatar Terry Trainor
3rd Mar 2016 (#)

Thank you Mariah xxxx

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author avatar LOVERME
10th Apr 2016 (#)

its been a long time since
... terry u trained me
...here's mine to read..
delete it if u wish ..
or tread upon my pages

Abide with me

Of who and what
the why fore
Would you like to leave
a message
of a God created
by man
as nature came first

should there be Religion
should there be Visa
only Americans are exceptions
if so why!

Shouldn’t gather together
this world’s
lead human all from darkness
in to the wisdom
called light
seep and creep out of the blindness
where mostly today man does reside
many here since ages in caves beside

be free like me
an eagle that I be
at every airport
is my home
I guarantee
just tell me
I’ll meet ye

Now Abide with me!
Will ye...


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author avatar LOVERME
8th Sep 2016 (#)

sad you never read it
or could not be able to

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author avatar LOVERME
23rd Sep 2016 (#)

must read

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