Springtime Gardening

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Blazer helps with the gardening on a hot spring day.

Spring Gardening

Blazer was working in Sis's vegetable garden outside the house. It was a very warm day and Blazer was shirtless. He wore a large straw hat to keep cool but it didn't work. His fur was sticky with sweat. Blazer stopped digging in the dirt. He stood up and wiped his hands on his torn jeans.

"It's too hot today," he said. Blazer took off the hat and wiped his forehead with hi9s hand. he threw the hat into the water.

Blazer went to the hose and turned on the water, spraying himself with the cool water. "Ahh, that feels good", he said. Blazer turned the hose on his chest.

Blazer dried off quickly in the warm sun, it wasn't long before he was hot again. Benny came outside with a pitcher of lemonade and some glasses. She was wearing a bikini and her dirty baseball cap.

"Hey Blazer," she called from the patio "Are you thirsty?" she asked. Blazer ran to the house breathing hard.

"Is that for me or the lemonade?" she asked looking at his chest.

"Very funny," he said pouring a glass of lemonade "But you do look hot in that bikini." he said staring at her.

"And you look hot too," she said looking at his sweaty chest "and not just your cute little chest." Benny placed her hands around his chest.

Benny joined Blazer in the garden. The two rabbits finished pulling weeds from the carrot patch. Sis came outside wearing her red string bikini. She carried a bottle of suntan lotion.

Sis sat on her knees behind her brother and rubbed suntan oil on his chest. Sis," he said "What are you doing?" Sis looked at his "I want you to wear suntan oil out here," she said "your starting to turn pink."

"I get so embarrassed when you touch my chest," Blazer said.

"I want you to have suntan oil on your stomach and chest," Sis insisted.

"I'll do it Sis," Benny said. Sis gave the suntan oil to Benny.

"Do a good job on him," Sis said standing up. Benny sat in front of the boy.

"Stick out your chest," Benny said.

Blazer smiled and stuck out his chest happily. She rubbed the oil into the boy making him purr softly. Benny smiled.

Sis watched the two young rabbits and smiled before going back into the house.


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