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That feeling of joy, happiness that spring bring, no winter just see the snow melt. The transformation of the landscape.


Oh! What happiness is there in the season of spring
Such freshness, and what expectant hope it brings
As the body and mind feels that easy in the tension
Gladly to be free of the cold for a few more seasons

What a welcome sight to see some bright sunlight
Know it presence would put all those feelings just right
As the trees grow leaves,and the air fill with the blossoms aroma
And the flowers with their bright colors, paint a beautiful picture

Around this time the lake begin to thaw
Feeling so good to its, bank one get draw
Feeling so good, taking a plunge is on the mind
But if you venture, remember the area of the thermocline

Also that bear who through winter was hibernating
From that long sleep, will soon be awaking
Glad for the sunshine and spring to shes that blubber
That has keep the warmth in, throughout the winter.

And the birds gladly greeted the season with some singing
The happiness of their sound reverberated a joyous greeting
Foraging for food. as their appetites need that quenching
Then on can see that added need of love, so as to keep the population growing.

It is remarkable how spring brings on that feeling of levity
As one wants to shake off the shackles put on by the season so wintry
So it seems to inculcate that feeling of wanting to unwind
That is the state of mind when it is the spring time.

But what some people believe that it provides
An opportunity for that feeling of love to thrive
And so one can see that it contains no other
Than that day of Valentine, designated for lovers.


Birds, Blossoms, Flowers, Happiness, Joy, Leaves, Levity, Spring, Thaw, Thermocline

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