Squeaky Tails - Crusaders of Golanthia

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The Crusaders, facing the realities of Golanthia, are to find that some things are best left unknown!

Do you dream to dream or dream to forget

Besieged by pelting rain, filled with trepidation from the crashing and flashing of tormented skies, our intrepid crusaders move forward into the undisclosed wilderness. Flowing maze like before this most dangerous of places, bending and pressing to unknown forces, grasses glisten in the moonlight. Seeming to glow between each emergence of the growing storm, standing out eerily in the impending darkness, the barren branches of a great tree reach up toward the night. Fearlessly and fearfully looking into the darkness, knowing that the way back is shut, our crusaders press forward. With little regard to consequences, with no alternative other than facing the unknown, our gallant crew discovers it’s only through personal experiences that any true understanding may be found.
It’s not that little Binder is a brave or strong mouse. However, events have forced him to go beyond anything previously thought possible. Reaching out into the unknown, he finds is the true essence of life and living. There are no words to these forms of truths, words often cloud their meaning. However, when opening one’s self to the inexplicable, their substance can magically be felt. With a peculiar combination of fear and excitement, he prepares to face his personal unspoken truth. There is little that is more exciting than to witness the unbelievable become believable. However, when one takes up sword and shield, risking life for another, it truly becomes a sight to behold. This and more we’ll see, as our fearless crusaders, battling adversity, forge new and rebuild forgotten friendships in the wilderness.

Loyalty and friendship can have vastly different meanings, however neither should go unappreciated.




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Originally, writing a book was not the intent. Then it became necessary to see if it was accomplishable. Eventually, it became a tool to show the spawn (affectingly referring to the kids, included in

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30th Nov 2014 (#)

I agree with loyalty and friendship. We should appreciate these!

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author avatar binder
1st Dec 2014 (#)

All to often, they are not appreciated :)
Tiny TraCee may be the tiniest spider imaginable, but inside she is unimaginable! :)

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