Stalin's Doomed Head of Secret Police Position

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Stalin is one of histories most well known dictators. Known for his brutality and evilness, this was also a sly old revolutionist. Stalin kept his dominance by creating many and using lots of devious plots, to keep his dominance as Supremo of the Soviet Union. This article is about how Stalin cleverly used his head of secret police position for his own gains.

The Evil Plan

It is a devious and clever idea, manipulating and evil yet one that worked a treat. How did Stalin manage to kill so many so called Kulaks. How did he get away with killing rivals in his government? Their families and basically everyone who got in his way? And how did he manage to do it with a simple stroke of a crayon?

Stalin signed many lists in his day, death lists and with one stroke of the pen and with one signature, thousands upon thousands could be tortured and killed. Wouldn't it be very clever to create a position in your world and indeed your government, let's say the position of head of the secret police. Fill it with not a good man of high morals and discipline. But instead a sexual degenerate and violent sub human being. Let him organise and carry out the murder and genocide you need, then denounce him and torture him until he admits his own faults before killing him. Then fill his position and repeat the process again.

Yagoda and Stalin

This is exactly what Stalin did, and it worked well for him. For Stalin to get extreme power he needed a genocide of the peasant classes and slave labour to build his industrial empire. And to stay in power he needed a genocide of his own government, his rivals or even just well known liberal thinkers who were dangerous for his dictatorship.

His first secret policeman, and probably the man with most murders to his name is Yagoda. This sexual predator and evil torturer helped Stalin clear the lands of peasants, stealing everything they had. He used his power to seduce women, steal riches and abuse his power. He worked millions to death in slave labour, and tortured and killed anyone against the Stalinist system. The world is yet to fully understand the crimes of this man, but nothing would had been done without the signature and approval of the Russian Supremo Stalin.

The Evil Bloody Dwarf Yezhov

Unluckily for Yagoda Stalin didn't consider him part of his future plans. He knew to much was to dangerous in his position as head of the secret police, and he had to much power. This is around the time the Bloody Dwarfe made his first appearance in Stalin's court. Yezhov was a very small man, and if their ever was a case for the small man syndrome, this was it. Yezhov was vicious, cared for no one and for a long time only answered to Stalin himself. He destroyed Yagoda, and Yagoda's secret dungeons and torture chambers became Yezhov's. Yagoda ending up their himself for torture before being murdered.

Yezhov took pride in his work, indeed he enjoyed it. He battered the soles of the feet of the so called prisoners, and murdered them himself daily. There is really no way to tell just how many people this evil man killed. More died in Yagoda's prisons due to the five year plans but Yezhov killed more by his own hands, he enjoyed it. Yezhov worked all night torturing people, this homosexual alcoholic hardly slept instead spending his time caught up in all kinds of degenerate sexual games. Yezhov enjoyed his power, and worked hard for Stalin's regime. Breaking anyone who dared to talk against or even think against Stalin's way.

The New Man Beria

Yezhov served his purpose, but it is obvious Stalin never planned to keep him around. In Stalin's eyes, the duty of the head of secret police is to take the fall for his crime clearing Stalin himself from the wrong doing. This is exactly what happened to Yezhov, but before his fall a replacement was needed. This is when Beria and his boys were called in from Georgia, Stalin's home town.

Beria was to become Stalin's new secret policeman, with the zeal and enthusiasm for torture and murder as the two men before him. Turns out Beria as well as being an evil and twisted raping murderer, was also great at running empires. Which would eventually be his downfall. Beria ruled his dungeons with an iron fist, and a black baton with Stalin's approval. He beat, tortured and murdered not only Stalin's political rivals, but their families too. Wives were exiled, imprisoned and even murdered. Stalin didn't hold back an inch, he wiped out the whole family leaving nobody left around to take revenge. This is gangsterism at it's worst. Beria finally became out of favour, and Abakumov finally took his place, and Beria met the same fait as the Head of secret police before him. Stalin lived to fight another day.

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