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I really pray that whoever reads my poem will respond to it in such a way, that it will change your life for good as you Reach out and receive all that God is offering to you ...

Easter Is Coming ...

Hello again my friends !

Well, for those who remember me , you will recall that I love Easter time ..

I love the truth that it heralds in the change from Winter to Spring .

I love the beauty of the Spring flowers and the baby lambs in the fields .

But most of all I am so grateful to my Saviour who gave His life as the sacrificial Lamb ofGod save mankind from our sins .....if we turn to Him in repentance and acceptance of who He is and what He has done for us .

Before I start my poem let me just say this ....

If we lay down and give up , we can't go forward ...

If we hold onto the past , we can't go forward ....

If we don't receive what is being offered us today , we can't go forward ....

So please....Stand Up - Reach Out - and Receive all God has for you

Stand Up My Friend

Stand up my friend - shake off the shackles that have bound
You to their constant memories of pain - step out into the sunshine
Of God's ever present love - that's calling you - and start to live again -
Don't let the past dictate your future anymore - but - breath deeply the
New life offered you - a life wherein you can be free of chains that bind
You to your past - and steal your liberty .....

Yes - Stand up my friend -
and let the Son of God
Entirely set you free.

Reach Out My Friend

Reach out my friend - and grasp the hand now offered
You - a hand that doesn't wave goodbye - nor let you go -
A hand that knows the pain of cruel nails - that held them to
A wooden beam - to pay the price - for you and me - and yet -
Those same scarred hands - can draw us from the deepest pits
Of sin and shame - and help us soar with Him - into the Heavenly
Realms - above life's sorrows - storms - and earthly pain ....

So yes - Reach out my friend -
And follow Him - who calls each
One of us by name .

Receive My Friend

Receive my friend - all that the Saviour is now giving you
For free - we cannot earn such love - nor can we bridge the
Way to Father God - by our own works - or sacrifice - or merit
Or degree - No - It is Finished - at the cross - and now the door
Is opened wide - and whosoever will - may come - and freely step
Inside - into the open arms of Jesus Christ - our Lord - and Heavenly
Guide - whose plans for us are for our good - to give us Life and
Hope - for all Eternity ...

So - now my friend -
Stand up - Reach out - Receive -
From Him - whose Love is reaching out to You today -
To heal - restore - and welcome You into
His - Forever - Glorious - Home
And Family

Easter Blessings To You All

And so my friends ... I say to you ...

Never forget these words ....Jesus Loves YOU...

Have a very Happy Resurrection Easter Sunday .... when it comes ...

And be very blessed ...for all Eternity

With love to you all
from Stella ><

The Easter Gift For You And Me

I Bow My Head - And Thank You

The Greatest Gift Of All - For All


Reach Out To The Hand That Doesnt Wave Goodbye, Receieve My Friend, Stand Up

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
When you read my poems - you will read my heart - which will always point you to Him.

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
4th Apr 2017 (#)

Thank you so much for your moderation Peter .
I do hope you and your family are all well , and your eyesight is better now.
Happy Easter to you when it comes
Many blessings
Stella ><

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author avatar Mariah
5th Apr 2017 (#)

What a wonderful invitation and what a warm welcome awaits us in the arms of God, so very beautifully crafted by my wee Stella, lovely to enjoy one of your posts again.
Hope you are well and wishing you every Easter blessing when it comes.
Your wee hen always xxx

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
5th Apr 2017 (#)

What a joy to see your name here again wee hen .
Yes, I am very well, thank you I hope you and all your family are also.
It is no secret that Easter is my favourite time of year , and I pray that you and yours will be wonderfully blessed at that most awesome time as well.
Lots of love and blessing coming your way ..
Your wee hen
Stella ><

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