Star King (Part Two)

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John is falling through space, facing a sure death......
Suddenly, a glimmer of Hope....

Part Two

He cried. And he laughed. And cried again while the stars, and the planet ahead, and the ship behind him, all whirled into meaningless pirouettes.


John had ceased the maniacal laughing, and, recovering from his immediate madness, and desperately, as any creature faced with Death, tried to come to terms with his impending demise.
The blue light flickered on.

“Yes, Mr Talbot?”

“Where am I? Right now, what’s happening?”
John sucked in his precious breath, knowing the answer already, but he needed to know how, where, why. What had brought him here, to this, this terrible end. How much oxygen had he used already, spinning, laughing, bleeding. How many precious moments of his allotted time had been used up, raving like a lunatic, panting, panicking?

“Mr Talbot, you have been ejected forcefully from the Magma Siren, Class Two exploration vessel, wearing a hull-workers bio-suit you are now drifting through open space toward the uninhabited planet of Delgonis One.
Within twelve minutes your life support systems will become inoperable and the oxygen reserve within the reservoirs of your bio-suit will end. I estimate your arrival into the planet's orbit will be at a speed in excess of Seventy-Six Kilometres per hour, given gravitational factors this may increase. Your descent into the atmosphere of Delgonis will take ten minutes maximum, but may very well be less than the estimate given due to extenuating factors not yet calculated. I assume the chances of survival based upon these factors would be nil.”

“Can I be of further assistance Mr Talbot?”

John mulled over the information in silence, his one good eye darting around his helmet and faceplate while fresh blood filled his mouth anew and the only sound in the silence was his sharp, echoed, panicky intakes of air.

This was It, I will die, right here and now, thought John, whirling through the vacuum of space until my fragile body is fed into the thin upper atmosphere of this gaseous poisonous rock. As soon as the friction hits I'll start to burn up. Falling. Burning……………Screaming..

Would I know the end when it comes? Hurtling through the upper atmosphere of an alien planet, feeling warm, then hot, feeling the flesh burn from my bones, and eventually flaming out of existence in a bright flare like a moth in a flame?

Even more ironic, John realised, he would have two minutes of oxygen available to be able to appreciate his own death.


“Yes Mr Talbot.”
“Please call me John.”
“As you request. Mr John, What can I do for you?”

John thought desperately. No way out. No way to escape from this. It will happen.
It will happen, he thought, but I will die in my own way!

“Do you know any music, Computer?”
“Yes Mr John, I have many volumes of Cultural Entertainment pieces in my memory. Would you like perhaps, to sample Occulus and her critically acclaimed Arrangement of WindChild in D Major, performed on the Trans-pipes of Eia Prime, or perhaps, would you prefer me to compose an original arrangement of my own construction based on the Obsidian Harmonic Orchestral workings of Prefectus Intrecus?”

John bit hard on his already bloody lip, suddenly understanding. And Hoping.

“Computer, do you have any music from Earth?”

“Some, Mr John. My databanks are extremely limited. Earth ceased to exist two hundred and five years ago, but the saved data included some musical pieces of note.
Shall I choose one for you, or would you prefer to pick from a range of genres? Please state your preference from Classical, Rock, Country, Light Rock, Pop, Opera, Blues, or a combination of these. I hold in my memory over Fifty Thousand files of Earth music which I am more than happy to share with you and improvise upon.
May I remind you of the urgency of your immediate situation and the need to make a decisive choice reasonably quickly?”

John thought for a moment, struggling hard to control the nausea that came with the gyrating arc his body had adopted as it galloped through space.

“I’m a bit pissed off, right now, computer. You might say I am a teensy bit pre-occupied. Could you pick something for me?”

“Of course Mr John. Processing. Please be patient. Processing……."

The blue light flickered and wavered.

©Richard Field 2013


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Short stories are my favourite thing to write, especially Sci-Fi and Supernatural tales.

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