Star King

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John Talbot is going to die, alone, and in Space
the first part of his story begins here..............

Part One.

John Talbot awoke to an intense, cutting pain in his head and tried to fight back the wave of nausea that threatened to overwhelm him. His eyes refused to open properly and the sensation of spinning grew and grew. He tried again to open his eyes, they felt hot and sticky, and John knew from the smell and the coppery taste in his mouth that both of his eyelids were glued with drying blood, his blood.
A loud thumping, filled his head and sounded almost wet in his ears, and he realised it was his heartbeat, faster, and faster again.
With some effort John managed to get his left eye open with a sucking, wet sound.

He saw stars, thousands and thousands of fiery white, ice-chip stars pin-wheeling to near streaks in a madly gyroscopic dance. Despite his panic, John realised quickly that it was not the stars moving around and around in that crazy, topsy-turvy spin.
It was him.

The forces of gravity pulled at his hands, his feet, and his head, and he knew now the predicament he was in.
John Talbot had just regained consciousness and was free-falling through space.

A ghostly blue light flickered in his vision and illuminated the inside of his helmet, and a synthetic female voice, accompanied by a low soft electronic chime, purred:

“Oxygen reserve at five-percent. Life support systems will become inoperable in twenty minutes.
Please return to the nearest available airlock.
Oxygen reserve at five-percent.”

The light blinked out, and John looked through his visor into space, in the distance he saw the fast retreating Ship, appearing in and out of his vision as he tumbled. He tried to laugh a bitter laugh, but the pain forced him to stop before he could manage to voice his bitterness and despair.
A dull purple-hued sphere swam into his vision intermittently, it seemed to grow bigger with each moment. Whorls of dark clouds and the random orange-yellow glow of electrical storms hundreds of miles across could be visible with each stomach wrenching spin.

John forced the words from his blood-covered lips with an effort:
“Can I help you Mr Talbot?” The purring female voice responded with light and a chime, and John imagined a trace of mockery in that cold artificial voice.

“E-e, Emergency! Activate the distress beacon, now!”

“I’m sorry, Mr Talbot. The required emergency bio-suit function has been deactivated. Could I be of assistance with another request?”
This time John did manage a painful croaking laugh, which seemed to ride along happily on the waves of his own growing hysteria and panic.
He laughed, and laughed, and the ever-wheeling cosmos seemed to laugh along with him.

He thought about dying.
He thought about Aleyah


Sci-Fi, Science Fiction, Space, Spaceship

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author avatar Richard Field
I am a self-taught, 39 year old Writer from Gloucestershire, UK.
Short stories are my favourite thing to write, especially Sci-Fi and Supernatural tales.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
11th Oct 2013 (#)

Seems we haven't seen anything as yet! siva

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author avatar LOVERME
11th Oct 2013 (#)

ur a story writer
and good poetry

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author avatar Richard Field
11th Oct 2013 (#)

LOVERME , thank you, and thanks for reading and commenting. I love your poem structures and words, and can see most of them in inspirational quotes and commercial works. Keep up the hard work, and we will get through this together Friend:-)

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author avatar Retired
9th Dec 2013 (#)

Great start and intriguing as well. I look forward to reading more. :)

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