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James Waters is an unusual child who's adventure takes him all the way across the galaxy.


"I have reason to believe you gave him a stronger sleeping aid than you said, Ros." Sol was furious. "Do you want to kill him? You don't even know how a mild one would effect humans and yet you used a stronger one, anyway. After I told you not to."

"He's awake isn't he? Why worry when he is perfectly fine." Ros did not always take Sol seriously and that had gotten him in trouble several times. And Sol looked as if he wanted to slam Ros' head into the brick wall that was behind him. He could hardly see Ros in the amount of light that came through the tunnel leading to Krypson's empty, secret lab. But he could tell that Ros was wearing his I-know-better-than-you smirk and it was annoying him.

"Don't screw this up Ros. If he suffers any complications, you are going to be in severe trouble. Got it?"

"Yeah, whatever. You couldn't do anything if you tried. I know what you're thinking, Sol. If the boy get's hurt we'll lose our chance of finding Vias. Well, you're wrong. There's other ways of finding him. And if the boy dies, it'll send Vias up here as quick as anything. I'm pretty sure Vias knows his son is here. I wouldn't put it past him. He knows everything." Ros smirked at his brother, who was walking away. He loved annoying his brother.

"For the last time, where is your father, boy?" Krypson had been interrogating James for over five hours and James still hadn't said a word. It was getting on Krypson's nerves

"If you don't tell me, I will have you subjected to torture." Krypson grinned, his scarred mouth twisted with pleasure at the thought. Still no answer.

"What does your father do on Earth? I suppose he still runsafter his little ideas when he could be doing something glorious." Krypson liked making his victims mad. There was a bigger chance of them blurting out something that wasn't supposed to come out. It suddenly dawned on Krypson that James had no idea what he was talking about.

"You don't know about your father, do you?" James still paid no attention to Krypson,

"Looks like your father kept some secrets from you. Did you know your father isn't even human? Well, I guess you could say he is in a way. But here, we're called stars. To bring us closer to our, ummm.. star."

Krypson couldn't see it but James' heart started beating faster than usual with excitement and a tinge of sadness. He wished his father had told him. It wasn't right for else to tell him his father's secrets, no matter how strange.
But James still refused to say a word.

Krypson continued. "He used to be one of the best scientist on this star. But he got greedy and he stole one of my important inventions. It would have been helpful for the poor patients with memory loss. Imagine if all the amnesia patients in the world could finally remember."

James could tell Krypson was lying. The spark in Krypson's eye told him that. James still refused to say anything. Even if his father had secrets, he had a reason for not telling James. He would just wait for his father to explain.

Krypson sighed. In less than a minute his demeanor went from nice to nasty. "Lock him up." He told two transparent globes that was resting on poles and that James had assumed were lights. They were greenish in color and as they floated towards James, he suddenly found himself enclosed in a floating globe of light. As they moved away, Krypson let out a cold, cruel laugh that sent a chill down James' back. Even the globes seemed to shudder at the sound. It was that evil.

Vias looked at the object he held in his hands. A red light was blinking on the cellphone-like device. He pushed on the screen. A tranparent version of the screen lit up in front of him. His house was showing on the screen, minus his son, making him sigh for the fifth time since James had been kidnapped. He knew sooner or later they would get to him. But he had made sure James didn't know anything. There was no chance of him saying a word about his work that had continued as he was on Earth. The A.R.Module, and everything else, had been tucked away, safe for the time being. He would get his illegal ship and go to Risen and rescue his son. In the meantime, he had to complete the plan he had been thinking up.

The A.R.Module had been created to help patients with amnesia, retrieving their hidden away memories and putting them back on the surface of the brain to be more accessible to the patient. But Krypson had accidentally revealed his plan after asking Vias if it would be possible to change or add memories to a person's mind. Vias thought about the day that everything went wrong.

Krypson had walked in very early in the morning as Vias was working on the machine. Vias had suspected something was wrong. Krypson's tone was as innocent as a baby's but his remaining eye was what gave him away. It glinted with a spark of evil and put Vias on his guard.

"Morning Vias. I have a question. Say, for instance, a person has a memory that their family wants removed and replaced with a happier one. Could I do that?"

Vias hadn't got what the question meant and he had quickly started talking. "Yes, you can. That's another thing that's so great about it. The program can modify the memories, completely change or erase them, and even add in a completely new set of memories. If they wanted too, they could take the memories of......" That was when Vias had realized what was going on.
"Yes, please continue." Krypson's smile was as wide as an alligator's when it was about to eat.
Vias continued slowly, "They could take the memories of adead, loved one and incorporate it into their mind and voila, they are a perfect clone of their loved one. Their real memories are pushed back and they no longer remember them. In theory, of course." He had added. Krypson hadn't looked as if he believed that it was only in theory.

"Of course. In theory." Krypson had been in a delightful mood for the rest of the time that Vias was on Risen, once he had obtained this knowledge.

His attitude towards other sunmasters and rulers had changed knowing that, once the A.R.Module had been created, he could easily defeat them. Just hook them up to the machine and BOOM, instant takeover. They would no longer be them. They would be clones of him, knowing everything he knew, doing everything he did. He could control them all. In theory, of course.

But Vias had realized what Krypson's questions had meant and had fled Risen, with the help of Sol, Krypson's top henchman and Vias' best friend. Sol was like a younger brother to the scientist and was not happy with the fact that both of them worked for Krypson. In the end, Sol's position came in useful since, according to Krypson's new rule, important men like Vias weren't allowed out of Risen without the sunmaster's permission. Sol was able to get Vias a very high-powered vehicle, high security clearance, and a outer galaxy map. They had removed all the guides, transmissions to base capabilities, and tracking devices, so no one could follow him and Vias knocked Sol out in the clearance room, giving him several bruises and, regretfully, a broken jaw, so Sol wouldn't be suspected. They had already made up a cover story and there was no need to doubt Sol's word. After all Sol was Krypson's most trusted advisor and he had bruises to prove it. But Vias had never seen his home planet again.

Now Vias was angry. Krypson knew better and Vias didn't understand why he would do something like this. Now he was going to pay. Vias was going to make sure Krypson begged for mercy and then...... But first he had to get back to Risen. It was time for action.

He looked back at the device in his hand and tapped the screen again. He dialed 453 on the keypad and waited. Slowly, the device glowed and he was engulfed in light and as the light disappeared, so did Vias. There was a faint beeping in the background that also slowly faded away.


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