Starring in an animated movie

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A while ago, Marzeus wondered what it would be like to make his voice available for other people's movies. So he went online and found ads posted by people who make videos who would like other people to be the voices for their characters.

Starring in an animated movie

He was a bit taken aback by one guy's attitude. The guy is not open to negotiate anything for the service of someone's voice. He wants the work done for free and that's that. Fat chance.

Another guy agrees to buy one of Marzeus' DVD's of Robot Time Travelers, in exchange for Marzeus recording the voice and sending him the sound file.

So, the guy having bought, Marzeus receives the script from the guy. Or at least the parts Marzeus has to speak.

Downloaded. Now he just needs to save it to a CD, and then carry it off to the studio.

Marzeus has fired up the recording studio, and he's got the script in front of him, as well as a printed out summary containing only his lines.

Marzeus will be playing a young cop in a film called Godly Indications, by NewThink Studios.

Takes him half a day. But he finds he really enjoys it. It's about a cop who doesn't believe in angels and demons, but he soon has to deal with some of those. Marzeus has the script and a picture of the cop he's supposed to be playing, to help him understand his character.

When the recording is completed, and Marzeus has done all the re-recording where he deemed re-recording necessary, he sends the file to David, the film's director and producer.

David will now animate to the voices. Hopefully it's a great movie.

Fast forward about 18 months. David starts posting clips online to promote his movie.

Although Marzeus likes seeing his voice to an animated character, the movie is not something he would have liked to associate with, and wouldn't have done it if he knew what it would be when finished. It's just all demons and naked women and naked women being torn apart and killed by demons in a bloodbath frenzy. This of course wasn't apparent from the small pieces Marzeus played in, being the cop who investigates these murders.

Mother asks why in blazes somebody is posting such animated porn horror garbage on Marzeus' online social pages. Ewwwww. I guess the lesson is, never star in any movies you can't show your mother. So make very sure what direction the thing is heading in if possible; if not possible, rather not get involved.

Oh well. It's done now. Lesson learned. Marzeus will probably only ever star in his own movies now. Other people can't be trusted with taste. David is probably not a bad guy, but sheeeeeeeeeshhhhhhh!!! The script could have used something more to the storyline than women being raped by demons and killed and their corpses mutilated and the pieces raped some more and the blood being played with and drinked. This is puke-inducingly disgusting.

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