Startling Truth

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There is a truth we cannot hide from
no matter who we are
no natter what we think about it
this is the truth that stir at boldly at us daily
What is this Truth?.... Find out yourself in this poem

Startling Truth

Startling Truth

Plenty of words to say
So many to write
But a few to act on
And a little we see
These few
One could Barely and rarely Think of
The few with a truth
That surround our life
The startling truth

The planet is heavy
The ground lieth awake
With mouth as ditch
To receive invalid bodies
Young and old
There is no room for compromise
On an invisible alert
The journey is ended
The journey we so love and cherish

Should we live it right or wrong
Should we enjoy it or in pain
Should we live it rich or poor
Should we live long or short
There is a truth
In the quantum of words we know
The truth that surround our life
The startling truth

We the people on this heavy
And swallowing planet
Traveling with purpose
Through different space and place
With possibilities and impossibilities
To learn from
We where created from a destination
A destination full of Divine glory
A destination far beyond human apprehension
We are not fit for this destination again;
For the nature we have emulated
Our deeds are corrupted
Our hatred stink in the air around us
We exchange cup of kindness for wickedness
Daily we rebel against divine faithfulness
We are helpless and lost
We are preys
To the enemy of our destination
The adversary of our soul
Should there be a solution
To restore us back to our real destination
Should there be a way
To obtain full entrance into our real destination
The destination we all tack from
If there be
We must accept and embrace it
There is a truth in the quantum of words we know
The truth that surround our life
The startling truth

Like ambassadors
We are in this planet
Like chameleon
We took a new look
And followed another path
At our appearing
Deviating from our real nature
From where we came from
Sometimes our conscience plead us guilty
Other times we kill our innocent conscience with words to suit our evil works
We are desperate to do more
But unwilling to forsake

Now behold the truth
As it knocks at your door
Like an hireling you are
Today you are in
Tomorrow you are out
Nothing is special about you
Grace is the fuel that keeps you traveling
Expose your life
And cover your nakedness with the truth
The truth that is capable of setting you free

We must accept these fact
And confess our surrender
Sing a new song of gratefulness
And restore the path
That lead us home

When we come to the truth
The startling truth
Out of the quantum of words we know
This is the truth
That stir at us daily with boldness
Out of the clay that we rise

We are leaving soon


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