Staycation? No way!

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Pros and cons on staycation while thousands have taken their leave to enjoy their well deserved holidays.

Staycation? No way!

Is there anyone to be contented enough with staying at home rather than travelling somewhere of its fancy?
I´m not one of these who would say that staying in town or in the city is a lot better than going somewhere where one would love going.
On July 31st it was what it´s known here as Exit Operation, meaning that a majority of people took their leave to enjoy well deserved holidays somewhere of their fancy, be them mountains, seaside resorts or even abroad.
Airports, railway stations and roads were packed and, as it happens every year on such a month, a special traffic operation was planned.
It means that right now people like myself own the city for ourselves. There´re less people or traffic around, although, in a capital city, we´re never short of them.
The air we breathe is cleaner, but there´s also a domestic problem; it may happen that one´s regular shops are closed for holidays. It means that one will have to walk a good bit to find a bakery shop or a pharmacy opened.
It doesn´t mean that I don´t enjoy having so much space for myself and to be able to breathe clean air, but being obliged to staycation isn´t my cup of tea either.
Going away from one´s usual grounds is as necessary as rest itself. It doesn´t necessarily have to be fashionable resorts that at this time of the year are absolutely packed and one will most probably meet its neighbours.
No way. but if one loves travelling, there must be a place that has been in one´s mind long enough.
It may be a small mountain village or a grand city.
What matters is going into the unknown or almost. Who doesn´t like getting up in a different landscape be it rural or urban?
Who doesn´t like listening to a different language even though one doesn´t understand a word of it or watching different customs or ways to do things?
This is why I exclaim staycation? No way. But if for the time being I can´t flee the city as well, I´ll be happy enough to walk around, having more space and breathing cleaner air while I plan for a break away when everybody´s back from theirs.

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author avatar LOVERME
4th Aug 2014 (#)

but I read somewhere the other day travel air car or bus not ship are getting costly and where will u stay the hotels charge short of fleece they too have with their staff to maintain peace but as you stay why stay at home I am on a long vacation far away from home globe trotting on my heels I have forgotten donkeys kicks we used to steel Now I see the world on tv okay laps top I take mine along and so as i view the clouds above the sky I ask myself where to stay and why pass some pleasure in Amstydam and BELGRADE it maybe Zurich and then catch another flight may be.. hotel will not be a curse to my already leaking purse...
have some coffee and toffee save breakfast and then when you are home again starve only for a day and say you went on a vacation far away ...
be damned man!

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author avatar vickylass
4th Aug 2014 (#)

No way, friend! Actually, at this moment, we´ve a coach company that advertises fares, saying that "only on foot would be cheaper!" It´s true. Then, campsites are still affordable even if one´s on unemployment benefits and there´s this website known as where I´ve also advertised offering accommodation for one person. Have a look on such website. Thanks for reading. Must correspond!

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author avatar Etc.
7th Aug 2014 (#)

I'm a stacationer and I don't live in a city. I live in rural Idaho and love it here. I'm not too interested in going farther from home than a couple hundred miles--a day trip!

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