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What was I afraid of? Why was my life so stagnant and uninteresting?
Here's how I learnt to change my whole life...

A new beginning

As I said in my previous page, my life began to change.
The one thing I remember more than anything, when I attended the 'isa experience', was a drawing of a matchstick person in a circle looking very glum. I visualised myself there. It was ME!
I was afraid of stepping over that edge, out of my comfort zone, because I might get it wrong;I might get laughed at; People would talk about me;I might not succeed- A 101 other reasons. Do you know what?- Looking back, they were all excuses!
Because of my low self esteem, my low confidence, my lack of trust in myself and others and many other reasons, I stayed where I was, i thought safe and secure. But this life was leading nowhere.

Realising there's more on the other side.

As you can see from this circle above,all the inner words were exactly how I felt and how my life was exisiting. So to get out of this 'mediocre life', I had to do something about it. I wanted excitement, confidence, fulfilment, success and so on.
ONLY YOU CAN DO IT! No one else can change the way you are. You have to want it and go for it. So here's what i did to make a start...

Great challenge

After the course, I made plans with 2 very good and caring people I'd only just met. We planned a Go Ape weekend. For me personally, this would be a huge challenge as I didn't like heights and felt I was too unfit to do it- compared with the other two ladies.
Well, what a morning we had. Although my legs were like jelly and there were a number of times I just felt I couldn't go on, I made myself take that plunge-literally! I also had the help and support and encouragement from these ladies.
What a feeling you come away with, a success and an achievement- a real WOW! It didn't stop there. We then went swimming in the afternoon and the fun pool had water slides, a space bowl and a raft ride. I have been to this pool for over 20 years and never had the 'gut's to go on any of them. They looked exciting enough, but I was always saying to myself, if I went on it, I would hurt myself, or the raft would stop in the middle of the run- all excuses again!
I went on every one. There was one I didn't like and don't think I'd want to go on again, but the others were so amazing and I can say I had a go, so still felt an achievement. Every time I go there now, I make sure I keep my new experience up and don't fall back to my old routine of not wanting to try or attempt anything new.
This same day finished with another challenge for me. We went out in the evening together, and one of the ladies is in a band and sings well. But although I love singing, I said I could never perform in front of anyone. Guess what, I had the microphone in my hand and off I went, singing karaoke!!!
This was the best day of my life in a very long time, one that changed the rest of my future years as I didn't stop at this.
If you want something, the only person to get it is YOU. You are in control of your own life.
If you are still there in your comfort zone, unhappy about the way things are, thenDO something about it. What will you have to lose? Go for it and if you didn't like it, what have you lost? nothing, because to have a go, is an achievement in itself and you still would have gained something, an experience, something you can learn from.
All I can say is there is more to life than sitting inside your own little circle waiting for it to get better. It won't unless YOU MAKE IT!


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Mother of 2 grown up children. Been through depression and come out the other side. Life is wonderful. I love working on my self awareness and actualisation.

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author avatar Retired
12th Sep 2010 (#)

Know this feeling well and the only person who can come out of it successfully is yourself...
You need the love and support of those who believe in you to go forward.
Thank you for sharing this and spreading the awareness...

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author avatar lindylou
12th Sep 2010 (#)

Thank you annashank. great to hear from those who have been there too.

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author avatar LOVERME
10th Oct 2010 (#)

you complicate
with the circle u show
just make a circle
and in the center
a snap of urs do show
all else will be ok
they shall
come running for uuuuuuuuuuuu

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