Stereotypical Oxymoron

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I’ve had many friends from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Now and then, we’ve talked about how they believe others view these subjects and how it effected them. Now, it’s become quite the norm to attack individuals publicly for practicing their culture and/or expressing their beliefs. We can also see the sometimes catastrophic effects. I ask...which does more harm; the stereotype itself, or publicly attacking an individual publicly for expressing an act of a stereotype?

Stereotypical Oxymoron

I grew up as a daughter of the US Military. All I’ve ever known were people from all races and ethnicities. I have always been intrigued and infatuated with different cultures, religions and practices of our wonderful world. I love the fact we all have different colors, preferences, opinions, religions, practices, and occasions.
I’ve gone to different churches as a child with my friends. I’ve seen some the most beautiful and spiritual things I’ve ever witnessed. I’ve gone to parties and celebrated special occasions with my friends, met some amazing people, learned different dances, and have had some of the best times of my life. Still today, I incorporate what I learned and loved through those experiences in my life.
I’ve been made aware (all my life) of the fact there are some that criticize these differences just as there are those who embrace them. I’ve also been made aware of how stereotyping and criticism can make an individual feel (not good).
Now, I’m seeing (we’re all seeing) personal attacks on individuals on social media for practicing what they believe or for expressing their opinions; normally and simply because those actions fit a certain stereotype. We all also see the impact it has.
We have all also been nameless victims of profiling or stereotyping...every one of us. Think of the degree it’s effected your life or the life of someone you know.
Now...imagine being singled out and publicly attacked for living your life the way you normally would or for merely practicing your beliefs...then one day being publicly shamed for it.
What if it ruined your reputation?
What if it affected your business?
What if you lost your home?
What if all of this happened and you had a family who depended on you?
It is devistating personally, publicly, financially, and sometimes completely life ruining.
Why is it acceptable to do this?
Why is it happening to so many people?
Why is it okay to attack an individual publicly for their beliefs, culture, or for expressing their opinion?
These people are getting shamed and ruined publicly for living their own lives the way they desire....yet are being attacked publicly and socially for it; because someone else trying to live their own life the way they desire was offended by that of the other. Not only is it a double-standard, it’s an attack of stereotyping, but on a personal level.
Okay. So, someone’s lifestyle, religious, cultural, or personal beliefs didn't match that of yours, was not the social norm, or somehow went so far as to inconvenience you or render them unable to accommodate you. That’s understandable. It may have been offensive. However, has not ruined your entire life. Also, not means for retaliation...especially not potentially life-ruining retaliation.
This is an obvious, but socially unrealized (or unpublished) oxymoron. Both parties have different ways of living their lives. We all have equal rights to believe, live, practice and express who we are.
I’ve grown very sad and tired of seeing individuals’ lives publicly ruined over expressing a belief or opinion....especially one which has been instilled by their ethnic, cultural, religious, or personal (meaning being part of who they are) background. Perhaps it does match a certain stereotype, perhaps offense was taken...but when these attacks are made public, the real problem is that the playing field it 1 vs. The World.
Just something to think about...


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27th Sep 2018 (#)

This has a reater insight to how people treat us and waht we truly stand for out beliefs and thos world is a scary place att times to much corruption we need to communicate better and find that happy peace within us I love your story

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author avatar Benter Adede
15th Oct 2018 (#)

This is very insightful. I enjoyed reading it.

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author avatar Tranquilpen
24th May 2019 (#)

A great and remarkable post StephanieJ thank you for sharing it. Hello also to Peter Giblett, nice to see you here again Peter. Regards, Andre.

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