Stingley falls and busts his knee

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I'm one of those people who don't quite know what to do when someone gets hurt, but they don't quite need an ambulance. So do you like go "there there, shamepees, let me kiss that better for you mwa mwa mwa!"? Of course you don't. So I'm usually speechless.

Stingley falls and busts his knee

"Marzeus, come help me quickly!", says Stingley.

We are having supper at Stingley and Elmarie's place somewhere on Nackby.

Stingley calls me to his water wagon. It is lying on its back, having tipped over backwards from the weight of the water in the drum.

"Just help me push down the front", he says.

Stingley has climbed on top of the front of the water wagon.

I reach up and pull it down and then push the front onto the ground.

But, oh dear, the little leg at the front of the wagon that keeps it standing up, simply goes right through the metal ring that holds it, and the water wagon falls forward as far as it shall go onto its towbar.

Poor Stingley came down with it and busted his knee on the tow bar and then fell off onto the ground and rolled over like somebody who's experiencing a fall from being hurled through the air.

At first I thought that's what he knew would happen, but after a few moments I realise he isn't holding his knee and making hissing noises and saying " knee!..." like somebody in pain, for nothing.

Oh well. The job is done. I go in. He'll be okay once he feels less in pain.

I guess the lesson is, water wagons or any trailers for that matter, that have those little legs in the front that shove right through a metal ring, can be death traps to those who climb onto their trailers or water wagons and then fall off and then get hurt and then roll on the ground holding their injured limbs.

My advice is to always be vewy, vewy careful with mechanical things that are heavy and can move around. Ok I'm done. Ciao!

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