Stop Must Go

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with no one obeying basic traffic signs, what is the point of producing them and not enforcing them?


Stop Must Go

Can you recall the last time you actually stopped at a stop sign? I mean the complete stopping of the vehicle with the front end either even with or slightly behind the sign kind of stop we were all tested on in our early teens. It’s probably been awhile. Having observed drivers’ stopping habits for countless hours from my porch, I have concluded that the stop sign is an antiquated relic of a bygone era that needs to be removed from our existence. If approaching an intersection in which other cars are travelling, common sense tells us to at least slow down until an opening presents itself through which we can scurry. Similarly, when approaching an intersection that is clearly devoid of any obstacles, we should be free to zip though it or around it without that pointless sign hiding in the bushes.

As we hurl our 3000 to 12,000 pound metal projectiles around town, we know when we should stop – usually before smashing into something else – that’s a no brainer. And we sure don’t need a sign to remind us! If we actually need stop signs to protect us from each other, then we would probably be better off never getting out of bed.
Think of the resources that could be saved in the manufacture of obsolete traffic nuisances. Think of the safety devices and structures that could be built from the scuttled existing signs. We could armor our cars with old signs so when the jackass who doesn’t know when to stop rams us, we can simply drive on with no concern for damage.

We don’t use them, never will, and we all have places to be without the annoyance of needlessly stopping for nothing. If the stop sign ever served a purpose, other than to tickle the rocks of a DMV tester when one was not properly addressed, I have no idea what it would be. OK, so maybe prisoners would have to be given a new project to while away their pensive and peevish terms of incarceration. I wonder if any of them are locked up for not obeying stop signs? Sure! The ones who should not have slithered out of bed and are too stupid to know when to stop their rolling tons of destruction.

A stupid society with no regard for each other cannot be saved by a sign.


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