Stop The Rape

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It is the responsibility of every male gender to protect and care for every female gender

Stop The Rape

When Iook int the future of this generation, I'm afriad with what is happening around me.
Babies, teenage girls, ladies and our mothers are been raped on a daily basis.
The Society have lost it's moral value, the mind of every average boys and men is filled with aggressive and destructive sexual desires, what comes to their mind is always how they will have sex with the girls staying in their neigbourhood .
A boy or man responsibility is to protect and care for every girl ,lady or mother he sees , but now reverse is the case. When are boys and men going to return back to the beautiful norms and values our forefathers laid down, it is now that we must return to it. This rape must stop now or else we will produce an animalistic, destructive! and dangerous new breed that will destroy the society .
Every man and boy should love,protect and care for every feminine gender rather than bringing pain to them and destroying theier future goals, dreams and visions.
Fathers stop molesting your daughters, boys stop molesting your girl friends ,men stop molesting your ladies. See every feminine gender as your friend and sister ,protect their future, give them hope for the future and never and never destroy their future.
Rape is a traumatic experience that shatters the life and destiny of any feminine gender. Please it is high times we have a rethink for those that carried us in their womb for nine good month and cared for us. This disgraceful habit that tarnishes the masculine gender must stop.
Stop the rape, Every feminine gender have beautiful future ahead of them , don't short circut their future ,don't destroy their future , they have given birth to great leaders and more will still do. So stop the rape of our babies, girls,ladies and mothers. Respect them ,love them ,care for them and the world will be a beautiful place for us to stay together , live together without been afraid of one another .
They are created in the image and the likeness of God , If you have one as a daughter,sister ,wife, mother or friend you have obtain a special favour from God. But you will attract the wrath of God if you rape the feminine gender
Men it is high times we return back to our good moral value .


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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
12th Nov 2013 (#)

Men are men they like to satiate their tails in front. Women should learn that they need to protect themselves by keeping away from tempting them and above all vices such as alcohol etc.
With regard to travelling, well sit where people notice you and stay in place where everything is accessible around without much travel time considering the gender issue.
Home may be safe but always learn how to look, learn and lock your door. The warning signs of male behaviour is always seen around. Be observant and cautious.
People can protect their women but women need to protect themselves too at the same time.

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