Stop it! Police!!

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A Funny and a thrilling Incident.. Have a pleasant reading.

Stop it!! Police!!

Shower Off!!
Water droplets stick all around the body.
Hot vapors rise from the body and the floor of the washroom.
Grabbed the Towel. Wiped the body and finally the hair.
Wore the washroom costume and finally came out Ravinder, a business Official, not so well-known because of his aggressive nature.

"Get my clothes soon, it's 10:00. I need to make my wauy to Pollution Check Office for my car and then will move to the Office. It all would probably take an hour." said Ravinder to his Wife, who was busy preparing some dish.

On hearing the suggestion, she rushed to the Wardrobe and brought the clothes and placed it on a table near Ravinder.

Picking up the dresses, Ravinder began to wander about the loss caused to him during those Business depression days. Coming out of his wanderings, he put on his dress and made his way to the car with the driver eagerly awaiting for him.

He opened the door of the car and Ravinder took his seat. Closing it, the driver made his way to his seat and took his position.
Car key into the starter. Made an attempt to start the car. It failed. Made it again, the car started.

"Please hold on!" exclaimed Ravinder's brother,Raj, while the Car made its approach near the gate.
The car stopped and Raj made his way to the car and took his Seat in the Car and locked the door.
"What brings you in??' questioned Ravinder to him.
"Nothing else than the desire to go with you to the Office" replied he.
The journey continued as the Pollution check Office was 10 KMs away from their home.
"Does Pollution Check mean checking the Pollution caused by the World to our Car?" questioned Raj to Ravinder.
"Please implement Silence here" requested Ravinder to Raj.
"Ok. But, how is this Pollution caused to our car? I find it always clean, no signs of repair as it daily goes to Gym, and as white as it applies Fair and Lovely" doubted Raj.
"Oh! Pollution Check means checking and regulating the Pollution caused by our Car to the World.." replied Ravinder.
"Ok! So, now I gotta understand, our Car shouldn't cause any population to this World." replied Raj.
"Population!!" exclaimed Ravinder.
"I..I..I.. meant pollution" replied Raj.
"Stop it!! Police!! here!!" suggested Ravinder to the driver after finding a Police gesturing to him to stop the car.
The Car finally stopped near the Police.
Sliding the glass window down, Raj questioned to the Police " Need Lift??"
The Police replied " Yes, to the Police Station, to lock you in Jail"
Turning towards the driver, the Police ordered him, "Get me your Driving License, Registration Papers, Pollution Check papers.."
The driver showed him the required documents except the Pollution Check papers as they didn't posses that.
"Pollution Check Papers??" questioned the Police.
"We regret as we are in our way to the Pollution Check Office itself"regretted Ravinder to the Police.
"Make me Believe" suggested the Police.
"Why? Aren't you a Human to believe??" questioned Raj to him.
"Come on! Let's drive to the Station!" replied the Police.
"Hello! We just are in our way to get the Papers itself." replied Ravinder opening the door of the car and moving towards the Police.
"That's your headache if you believe it or not" said Raj.
"Hey! Please mind your Words" suggested Ravinder to Raj.
"No words! No lines! Just need the papers!" ordered the Police.
'Pom! Pom! Pom!' was a truck's horn, that was rushing directly towards the car due to break failure.
It came closer.
"Jump Out, Raj!" suggested I to him, to which he and the driver obeyed by jumping out immediately.
The moment was expectable as the truck smashed off the car and broke it into pieces.
"Oh my God!" exclaimed Raj after jumping out of the car and witnessing the crash.
The truck was gone out of control and it pushed the car to an unexpectable end.
The driver and Raj, moved towards Ravinder safely.
"Are you alright ?" questioned Ravinder to him.
"Yes! We are alright" replied they.
"You need the pollution check papers of which car??" questioned Raj to the Police.
"Your Car" replied he.
"Car?? We aren't in a car!!"replied Raj


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