Stop judging black people!

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This article is all about how treating black people due to the common stereotypes isn't a good idea. I actually find it rude for people to judge people just by the color of their skin, and I thought MLK actually cleansed this problem!


I am really getting sick and tired of the "thug" stereotypes, then everyone starts to believe that every single black is like that. As of me that has hanged around tons of black people, I have noticed that they are not as people think. Sure, most of them that I have known love fried chicken, but that doesn't mean they follow all the other stereotypes. This article is all about black people, and proving the stereotypes wrong. The thing is, its funny how every race is classified a certain thing like an MMO game, which really doesn't make sense. One theory I have is that the skin tone is dependant on what environment they/their ancestors lived in. If they stayed in a lot, they were ore pale. And if they stayed out in the sun a lot, they got darker. So would that means black's ancestors worked a lot?

United States/Stereotypes

The thing is, United States say that they are a "free" country, which is pretty ironic when they had slavery 200-300 years ago. After they got out of slavery, they weren't considered actual people. Then, they managed to get through all of the social barriers, and finally they are "almost" accepted as humans. However, people give them the "gangster" type of personality because of so many blacks that are in gangs and dealing with drugs. Also, it may be positive racism, but everyone believes that every black male is supposed to be muscular and strong. Then, with every Asian always knowing how to do karate (Which, this stereotype isn't really true.). So that means they get pictured as thugs in social media, and everyone believes that every black person is good at basketball. Its nice to say all of them are good at a sport, but people expect them to be good at it.

Social Media is the reason why stereotyping blacks is a thing.

Social Media is really the biggest source of why people believe that blacks are actually bad people. Because in most movies, the black male is pictured gangster, muscular, and some of the other stereotypes out there. If they don't fit the stereotypes, lets say that movie maker might just be good at making characters! Some people have never met other races, so they rely on social media to learn about them. When this can become a problem, other races may think that white people are always rich. Then, they make think that blacks and Mexicans are poor. It doesn't sound like a free country if everyone that isn't white isn't treated the same like a white person. Has everyone forgotten the rule "Treat others the way you want to be treated."?

Stereotyping isn't limited to race.

Stereotyping is more like a cousin to the word bullying. Stereotypes aren't always race, but also external appearance. If you have glasses, people will think that you are a smart person. If you have big muscles, people will think that you beaten up tons of people. And lastly, if you wear poor/rich clothes, people will assume that you are poor/rich. However, this all but a form called "classification." Our brains can't handle tons of people's personalities, so that means that we have to simplify every single group to make it easier to figure out tons of people. Even though everybody knows that this isn't accurate, it is the only thing that can be close enough to being accurate. So if you see someone stereotyping somebody else in a rude way, make sure to stand up for that person.


A lot of people really should give black people a break. If the past Americans didn't take blacks as slaves, majority of the Africans would may have stayed over to Africa. Or, they would migrate to the USA in order to get a better life. It isn't looking very well over at Africa, but one thing puzzled me. Bill Gates, man who earns 100$ a second, I have not heard or seen him donate anything to Africa. (Maybe he is donating to another charity, but if he is, make sure to comment on what charity he may be donating to.) 100$ can get you a VERY long way food-wise. You could buy several medium buffets, and exploiting the 21-hunger rule, you could more than likely last for several months with 100 dollars. Oh, and one thing is that I learned someone lasted 100 days by only drinking water and running around. Maybe that can work!


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