Storm of Beauty and Woe.

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When you fall hopelessly in love to learn sheer pain comes with such things.

Storm Heart

Thunderous clouds roll in lightning flashes whilst droplets of rain crashed upon the surface. Elegantly beautiful but destructive very much like love. Seeing those clouds part, that smile like shining light as if an angel from above.

Nothing is near as exciting or bright, but alas woeful irony it's also the most painful and soul shattering.

Heartbroken..splintering, scattering, aching, cracking. Pain and sorrow with no measure, everything you love and treasure lost.. gone forever...

Was it I told her she was beautiful everyday in every which way that she crumbled me up and threw me away?

Was it that I would hold up the very sun it's self scorching my very being if I could just to see her smile... Or force myself to stay up just a little longer to ask how her day was because I actually cared?

Was it how I'd get lost in her gorgeous eyes, then look upon those star emblazoned skies, look back down begging her to never close her eyes...

Was it how when we kissed time would speed by then wonder what we missed? Or how as long as she was happy I was at my strongest and smiled the longest.

It was beautiful uncut and raw just like a storm. But in the end I was devastated, broken, defeated and torn.

I pulled the very heart from my very chest handed it to her, asked her to stop crying saying, I'll love her forever and always then wished her the very best.

Subtle rain now mask those tears upon my face, I notice a rainbow up above, broken inside but smiling I walk alone hoping someday another storm takes her place..


Heartbroken, Love, Storm

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Poetry and Short Story. Expression of raw emotion through real life experience.
A need to put words to trials and tribulations.

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