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Coraline is a fantasy/horror novel written by Niel Gaiman which was made into a stop-motion 3D fantasy children’s film in 2009. It is a bit strange and creepy unlike your usual kiddie animation. Both the kids and adults will enjoy watching it.

It has been my son’s favorite movie for this week. After having seen the movie today thrice in a row, non-stop, I came up with this poem to tell the gist of Coraline’s story.


Once there was a girl named Coraline,

To her, Mother and Father don’t have much time.

They moved to this house called the Pink Palace,

Among its residence, she is the only lass.

Above the palace lives the amazing Bobinski,

Down under it, you can find actresses, Ms. Forcible and Pinsky.

In the neighborhood, she found a friend in the stalker Wybie,

The grandson of the one who owns the house that is pinkie.

One day inside the house, Coraline found a small door,

Where at the other end, there’s a place she adore.

There she had another mother and father,

With buttons for eyes, and with everything to offer.

The place was perfect,

There’s no room for neglect.

It was a home she could opt to stay,

If she does one thing that her other mother say.

“Let these buttons be sewn onto your eyes!”

To that request, Coraline declined.

It was only then that she found out the truth,

Behind other mother, an evil was the root.

In that other side of the door, she met 3 spirits,

Of children that was also lured by the evil mother’s wits.

It was too late when they did realize,

That everything will end once they’ve got buttons for eyes.

Somehow Coraline escaped that world with the help of the other Wybie,

She had reached home but still felt unhappy.

Her parents were not there and nowhere to be found,

To that other world she feared, she thinks they were bound.

Into that small door she went through again,

And challenge the evil mother to an explorer game.

The deal was when she finds her parents and the eyes of the ghost kids,

The evil spider-like mother should get them all freed.

And to the evil mother’s dismay and shame,

She has been beaten by Coraline in a game.

Thank God for that thing that’s good for lost things,

And for that cat which is capable of talking.

Coraline managed to escape to her reality,

And finally had been reunited with her family.

The souls of the lost kids she got freed,

But her own was still not safe from the evil mother’s greed.

There’s only one thing she could do to avoid that danger,

That is to throw away the key beyond the reach of evil mother.

Down under the well she thought of it to be thrown,

But to the severed hand of evil mother her plan became known.

The severed hand attempted to retrieve the key,

But to Coraline’s rescue, there came Wybie.

She was thankful to him and to the sTALKING cat,

Who had saved her from the evil mother’s wrath.

It was only then that she realized;

That her new neighborhood is weirdly nice.

Indeed, she thought of herself as lucky,

For having again her real Mommy and Daddy.


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author avatar vpaulose
29th May 2011 (#)

Thank you friend Rapuncille, for this work on Coraline.

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author avatar rapuncille
29th May 2011 (#)

Thanks for finding time to read it. :)

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author avatar Jlyn11
7th Jun 2011 (#)

Wow, just like a fairy tale. Nice, I enjoyed reading it.

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