Story of a Shoe

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It is just a story about shoes . It`s journey of lows and highs of its life .

Story of a Shoe

With a click on mouse , a message is delivered to you about your purchase and the expected time of delivery of the product . This is how the story of a pair of shoes been purchased by an average person residing in a metro city begins . It all starts with a click on mouse and the wait is over for them as the delivery boy gives the parcel to us.
The first sight of the shoes after taking them out of the box , the boy carefully looks that how much resemblance the shoes have with the product he has seen on the web . Seeing the product has matched exactly , he takes a sigh of relief . The shoes are now part of the family that has its own section in the cupboard.The only difference between the new member that it is still in the box.

One fine morning , the shoes have its first meeting with the world outside . Luckily , the shoes here belong to a college boy . The real journey starts now , as the boy is waiting for the local train to arrive to start his journey for college , the shoes find little place among many which are there on the platform.

It is one of the dusty mornings and the air around is full of dust , and now the train arrives slowly and ultimately comes to a halt . All the passengers are quite eager to board the train, having a sneak of air for the boy`s shoes are a quite bit of relief for them and the boy.

Now , as the train reaches the destination , the shoes are once again on the platform . The only difference is the layer of dust that is now adhered to the outer surface of the shoes . The boy wipes off the dust from the surface as to showcase the new shoes to his college mates . After receiving some compliments and criticism from his mates and attending some lectures ,it is time for some football as some black clouds have covered the sky leaving a pleasant weather . The shoes are now taken off as the boy likes to play barefoot .The pair is now suddenly left alone in the field aside and is watching the hustle bustle of students and feeling the breeze . Suddenly , because of an undirected pass , the football gets over the shoes and they get inverted . Some time later , tiny droplets start dropping from the clouds and the shoes are once again in his master's feet. The boy starts running for some shelter with the pair of socks in one hand .

As the weather improves a bit , he puts on the socks and shoes and start for the reverse journey back home in the evening and quickly reaches the station . Unlike in the morning , luckily the shoes get some rest as the boy finds a seat because of lesser rush of people . As the boy reaches home , he carefully puts the shoes back in the box and into the cupboard .This routine ended after 3-4 days . After some days , the initial zest for the shoes get faded and there is now no difference in these and the other shoes in the cupboard .


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Thank you Fern !!

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