"Storybook of Seasons"

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I thought I would convey in this short story what the seasons of the year mean to me. I tried making it fantasy like, colorful, intriguing, and something to read that would make you feel like falling in love with.

(It's a) Storybook of Seasons

(The) Storybook of seasons; autumn, winter, summer, spring, has a continual connection of one to the next. Wonderful, very beautiful seasons blend through twelve months, intertwining their individualities in rotation, four months at a time.

Twelve months goes around for a connection to the next new year making up a storybook of seasons that tells of leaves red, pink, orange, rust, yellow, and green. Then there are leaves of solid brown laced with ice and snow.

It is then we see the imaginary wheels of nature spinning, from the joy of watching spiders weaving their 'hotels' to accommodate their young that will soon break into spinning webs and jumping for their food. Then there is the burst of chirping birds building nests singing about springtime.

All of natures' babies then begin flying, crawling, hopping, and jumping thru a long season before having to hide underground in forests through four long months of winters chill. All seems still and quiet when autumn is gone.

Intertwining the Months in the Storybook of Seasons

The intertwining of a twelve month cycle from earths' rotation around its' massive sun in seasonal phases, in the past, had lured nature enthusiasts to bring out their Polaroids and camcorders! Now many 'blue moons' later, the lure is bringing out digital equipment, Droids, cell phones, and digital cameras to snap and catch this storybook of seasons.

Poems are penned; songs are written and sung for the vast beauty and wonder of nature’s stories. Pictures are painted, murals are created, and classes are taught about the vernal equinox and winter solstice.

Finally, earth and her seasons sure do create an awsome storybook of seasons to behold.


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Birthplace; Dayton, Ohio; schools; Ohio, TN, & FL. Past nurse tech work. Enjoy poetry writing and have songs written & recorded demos. The early years for me were the best ones of my life.

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author avatar Retired
8th Oct 2012 (#)

*nice* :-)

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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
8th Oct 2012 (#)

Lovely work on the seasons.

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author avatar Delicia Powers
8th Oct 2012 (#)

Bets, I so love your work...:0)-the season hold deep meaning for me and you capture that essence and feeling-wonderful my friend!

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author avatar Bets
8th Oct 2012 (#)

Thank you for each comment.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
8th Oct 2012 (#)

I live in Singapore - we have three seasons - hot, hotter and hottest! But we do have rainy spells too, heavier in December and January. Also windy from October to February. You have brought out the splendor of all seasons so vividly. Thanks for this share. Bets - siva

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author avatar Bets
8th Oct 2012 (#)

Thank you. It's funny the way you put it; hot, hotter, and hottest :) TY for sharing too. smiles, Bets

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