Stream to Stream-of-Consciousness

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Okay, this was just my bored brain wreaking havoc on an innocent piece of paper, so i apologize to all miss-used or abused pieces of paper out there.

Stream to Stream-of-consciousness

When I flit from stream to stream-of-consciousness in one fell swoop I find myself floating, unable to catch a current or get to safety, slowly... Inevitably I am carried along in an ever increasing maelstrom of tides and waves, overlapping each other and adding further debris to my isolated centre of thought.
A new thought:
It’s intangible, Not quite out of demand but rather lacking in any form of desirability. For no other reason than pure insanity she clutched at straws, willing them nearer and nearer. Just out of reach. With no means to support herself other than a quickly eroding sense of self she stumbled. Nonsense had always been a refuge with that type. Random thoughts, scattered like so many seeds from a tree, floating outwards. Always getting further and further away from the original spark. Until, when looking back, you can no longer even see where you began. But you see something else. You see different routes, bringing new seeds. Each convergence combines, forming something greater than the sum. A new thought begins. Slowly it unravels, sending out tendrils and feelers to feed upon other thoughts. As soon as this thought has consumed its fill it bursts. You come to a realization; What are we, that think and speak? Who am I? There is fundamentally little difference between any two people; The same picture but with different brushstrokes. Emotions snap into being and you don’t understand why he isn’t me, nor I him. No explanation for the hive mind.


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I am a professional drum tutor. I like writing random stories and nonsense comes to me quite easily.

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