Success Would not be in Reach Without Earnest

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To achieve something we are required untu patient and persevering through it, due diligence, and it really was all what we dream to be achieved, do not be afraid to fail, either in learning or preformance tried as businesses and others, core belief and sincerity to spell one who will determine success.

To Achieve Something you want Takes Perseverance and Earnest in Working

To achieve success in the world would not be separated from science and knowledge, science and knowledge is necessary for every human being who live in the world untu support life, in studying of course we find a variety of difficulties, such as difficult to understand the lessons taught to our teachers and so on.
in studying there who easily got right what has been learned from a good teacher in the school formal or non-formal schools such as tutoring and others. but do not ever give up if we are hard to learn a lesson from the teacher, because in our study required for taking seriously in learning all the lessons taught by teacher to us.

In a story, in ancient times, in Arabic, there was a man named Ibn Hajar, he is a very foolish to learn, imagine, to learn only one letter he needed forty years to understand and memorize the letters, but he never despair, every day she learned home teacher, a friend had a lot of friends in his class who graduated and completion of the learning place, but he was not finished.

One day, he found the saturation point in his life, because it was forty years still do not understand a single word, he was getting tired of studying and go wandering into the middle of forest, after a few days in the jungle he stops and rest, at rest he see water dripping slowly but under the water there is a large stone with holes for the water droplets. in his heart he thought that, a large stone and very hard to punch also by water droplets that are so slow, mean, ignorant fool her se someone in their studies if he wants to earnestly and diligently someday will surely succeed.

Of water businesses that can punch very hard rock here Ibn Hajar find the spirit again, and finally he finish his wanderings and returned home to learn untu teacher, started since then he kept taking seriously in learning da finally he got all the knowledge that even now he is very famous for his writing books in use in almost all non-formal schools in the world, and it has carved his name in the history of life.

This story may be a motivation for us, that in attempting we sometimes have ups and downs, but in essence if we live with diligent and earnest then ultimately the success will easily in reach.


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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
13th Dec 2014 (#)

Indeed my friend, very interesting post my post and well stated, Happy Holidays!

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author avatar puncakceria
14th Dec 2014 (#)

thank you fern for your visiting here, have a nice day...

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author avatar tafmona
14th Dec 2014 (#)

I agree, good things don't come easily

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author avatar puncakceria
14th Dec 2014 (#)

thank you tafmona for your visiting...

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author avatar viewgreen
17th Dec 2014 (#)

Informative article and thank you for sharing this useful advices for success.

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author avatar puncakceria
18th Dec 2014 (#)

thank you for your visiting here my friend viewgreen..:)

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