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To succeed we all need to work hard and have a positive attitude.

Success if for Everyone

What is success? People ask that question all the time, some more than others. In what ways are people successful? People accept success in different ways. First of all, there are different types of success. Some successes are very small and other successes are very large. Some successes bring us a short time of fame, while other successes bring us our own personal satisfaction.
Many people see success in the small things they do every day. Taking care of their families, crops or pets, finishing up a report for school, raising a grade in a class they were having trouble in, cooking a big meal for a holiday for the first time, memorizing a report or music for the first time, playing an instrument at a recital, working hard so a business makes a profit for the first time, writing a story and having it published for the first time, and receiving a degree that a person has been working on for years.
There are many types of successes from the very little success to the great big success. Any success that a person obtains makes that person feel proud. Not the type of proud, where they are bragging or show off about what they have done. It is more of a feeling of gratitude and being humble and encouraging others to do the same.
Success comes by taking small steps to arrive at your goals. Some people feel that once they know their destination, they can just get to their success by just saying that is what they want. It is not that simple. Once a person knows what it is they want to accomplish, then they need to setup a plan. They need to research their plan and they need to talk with anyone else who may be of help to them. A goal should be something they enjoy doing. Too many people are working at jobs they cannot stand. If you are going to start something new, such as your own business, then pick something out that interests you.
What happens when a person is almost to the end of their goals and they can see their success right in front of them? Two things can happen. First of all, a person can keep right on working and achieve their goal. Only once their goal is achieved, they must not stop there. They have to keep working in order to build up their success. If they do not do this, they may be headed for failure after working so hard to become successful.
Also, there are people who are almost to their goal and they do something to sabotage themselves, this way they do not ever reach their goal of success. They watch other people succeed and wish they could succeed themselves. So why do people do this? Are they afraid of success? Do they remember as a child being told that they would never succeed in anything and those words still haunt them to this day? How can a person who feels this way, change things around?
First of all, they can change their attitude. Keep positive thoughts within their mind. Never give up. Stay persistent at all times. Have you ever watched any animal set out to do a goal, no matter how small that goal is, they keep working no matter what and they do not give up. If animals can reach their goals of success, then there is no reason as to why we cannot reach our goals of success.
No matter what you have been told as a child or as an adult, remember if you want to be successful, you have to work for it, stay persistent and stay positive, and never give up.


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